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  1. Until I see a real Fly40 flying, I'm going to assume these are a dead duck instead. Yes, we have the 69F, but it's not really the same at all. With the AC40 at least, we have real images and a production schedule.
  2. 8 AC40's ordered so far... https://www.americascup.com/en/news/1349_AC40-s-IN-PRODUCTION
  3. Calm down angry little man. I know "facts" often seem hard to grasp for you, but no need to start every other post with Fuck Off!
  4. Do you guys read the reports, or just the headlines and like to throw numbers around with no context. The reach was 1 billion which was largely made up of people reached via news segments. The live audience was 68 million, which includes anyone watching the show live AND/OR delayed. This was triple the 22 million which tuned in for AC35. Either way, those numbers make it clear sailing is still a niche sport on TV, and making it free to air again is the only solution that sponsors will accept because of the added reach it achieves. If Challengers increase to 4 or 5, then I'
  5. who needs a life when you can have this much fun on SA. This is how you guys do it right?
  6. As my tag suggest, I come here to keep crusty old seadogs in check.
  7. Who knows, there is likely a few very good reasons why not that we don't know about, but none of us are P+B, or Grant, so it's all speculation and conspiracies filling the void at the moment. Maybe Grant asked them not too until they are needed so he can pay them a cheaper retainer in the short term to help save the team some cash?
  8. except, the team will be here until the actual Cup. Sooooo you might have to get over yourself.
  9. You are right, we only saw Mini Moon a couple times, I've heard it was a full disaster. something along the lines of, it was built for 2, but in the end they needed 3 to sail it, which made the whole thing too unstable.
  10. The viewership for the actual AC was 60 something million, the "billion" comes from those "reached" through some piece of AC content. Sail GP calculated it the same way and "reached" 1.5 billion. The numbers are legit, but people do get confused on how to read them. Why can't he get a TV deal to pay for everything? Because networks only pay good money if they have exclusive rights in their territory, which goes against the philosophy of what Grant is trying to do by making it available to as many people as possible. He has stated on numerous times that if he did go exclusive, th
  11. sorry, but I also ready this like the rest... they intend to challenge, but have not officially entered or been accepted yet.
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