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  1. A couple days old now, and only on Instagram. It shows a wild ride. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cd43cwXFoN5/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Correct, weight is actually a good thing for a land speed attempt, but it does mean the "track" conditions become vitally important.
  3. In one of their first videos, and again in a later one they talk about how good the previous design was and that they are just refining it with their knowledge and expertise.
  5. Plus, they could have just converted an already existing page. The United States SailGP page was the original America's Cup page after all. If you go back far enough on their timeline, you get to AC35
  6. Both Important. ETNZ wouldn't be who they are without Grant doing what he does best and Shoebridge doing what he does best. It's a winning formulae that is close to evenly split in terms of importance.
  7. There are a number of reports that show that D2S is responsible for increasing the viewership of F1 in the under 35 age group by a huge percentage. I think aiming to do the same with AC, is just about that, trying to reach a younger audience, and can only be a good thing.
  8. Everything will be fine. they may just be having a nap because they are le tired.
  9. Disagree. the team were hated on after the 2013 loss, especially Grant. They have been here before and I don't think this will effect them in any measurable way at all. Especially since, when they win, all the numpties will jump on the ETNZ bandwagon once again and act like this period of Tall Poppy Chopping never happened.
  10. The beauty of Team NZ, is that the obviously just get on with things and ignore the whinging "chip on shoulder" crowd and keep doing what they do. The comments will be water of a Dalton's back, and the team will just keep on keeping on.
  11. This must be how Mark Dunphy and Hamish Ross feel after picking what they thought was a fight they could win with Grant Dalton and ETNZ.
  12. 48knots. https://www.facebook.com/EmiratesTeamNZ/videos/1881340738723985/
  13. there is no money to be made putting sailing behind a paywall. This isn't boxing or motor racing, or a Marvel movie. In fact the main sponsors will pretty much demand free to air, so their branding can get the greatest possible reach.
  14. 4+1 = 5 challengers! 6 teams. looking good.
  15. They will apart form the 579 people here...
  16. so not postponed then. 1 day early? or 6 months late?
  17. I think I would be looking to fire whatever poor PR firm was behind this campaign. According to Kiwi Limp Fest, "all of NZ supports us" seems to translate to old, white, male and grey. I would be embarrassed having a social media page looking like this...
  18. So Tom is just straight out bull shitting on his FB page (again) Saying that never has the next venue not been known more than a year out. https://www.facebook.com/tom.ehman/posts/10161811452279746 Despite plenty in the comments saying he is wrong and citing the gaps from SF to Bermuda and again to Auckland, does he admit he's wrong? Of course not! The troll needs his clickbait.
  19. Hearing rumors of a Spithill capsize, but nothing on any SailGP pages yet.
  20. did he say anything new, or did he spout the same old shit about the team owing every man and his dog in NZ? As if winning wasn't the whole point. Apparently ETNZ need to suck up to the public for any money they received at any time in the past.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/EmiratesTeamNZ/videos/484345813195474/
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