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  1. A lot of people swear by butyl tape...
  2. Timing gear cover. Got it. Looking at my engine, those bolts are totally going through it as you've guessed. Somehow I spaced on that being the timing gear cover and confused myself to what was going on in my engine. I'm headed to the bar to read over the process of removing it. Thanks for the detailed advice!
  3. The Yanmar 2GM20F has two bolts holding on the raw water pump - I managed to break one while reinstalling the pump after I took it off to replace the impeller. These are long bolts, and I'm not sure what the best path forward is. I'd like to remove the 1/2 inch of threaded bolt out of the engine block, but it's in so deep (~4 inches), I'm not sure if this is really possible. Can someone explain to me why these bolts are so long to begin with? Can I likely get away with creating new threads and using a wider, shorter bolt? Or a helicoil? What would you do? Here's an image of the
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