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  1. I still use clamps not much different than these to apply grounds to high voltage lines. Haven't changed much really. Sounds like a .22 going off when they make contact
  2. Tattooed chicks are always more fun though. . .
  3. The whole triad was relieved. Probably had a terrible command climate. Adds up, a coworker of mine just got off the Connecticut and mentioned the skipper and COB were both complete dicks. Didn't know the XO
  4. I am also a little baffled. Aaron makes good videos with informed content, steers clear of conspiracy theories and politics and this video was no exception. The narrative around the Thresher for decades was that she sank out pretty much right after the casualty. The report showed there was beyond a reasonable doubt that that was not the case, and she had infact remained intact to some degree for at least a day. That was what he was pointing out and why he said the Navy lied, because they did.
  5. @Lark, like you alluded to your question just has a sensitive answer. If your curious what kind of information you can actually get without any knocks on the door, the YouTuber Sub Brief has some excellent material. Lots of briefs on various boats and some systems. He's also a retired submarine sonar chief. For further reading, the site http://www.hisutton.com/ (covert shores) is an OSINT source for everything sneaky in the ocean.
  6. We can do some pretty mind-blowing stuff with passive - even ranging. Don't want to get into how for obvious reasons but we've come a long way
  7. Yes we can, because that is how we operate. American boats go active *extremely* rarely - basically never.
  8. Or a really fast one. The Connecticut is both however so I'm surprised they were counter detected. Then again China is crowding the hell out of the waters out there so
  9. If you are on good terms with the watch team in control *and* you are not on mission (just transiting), you may be able to see the horizon for a few minutes every 3 days or so. . . Through a 6 inch, positively ancient CRT screen. . .
  10. I've found these types drop off precipitously after around 8-10 miles in, depending on the trail. If your in the mood for a laugh, Alltrails comments section can get pretty hilarious including complaints of mud in the rainforest, rocks on the ground and not enough wildlife to oogle on a trail packed with loud city people
  11. Luckily I don't plan on doing much in the cabin that requires standing. Was going to string up a couple hammocks for overnights (anyone try this?). Also the PO mentioned it's just enough room to fit a queen sized air mattress for the more fairer guests. . .
  12. Funny thing. I went up to Anacortes where this thing is sitting a month or so ago. We both remarked about how un seaworthy it looked, way too top heavy for what the waterline suggests it draws. . . A week later I see the video of it toppling at launch pop up here. No idea what architect thought that was a good idea
  13. Just took his J/29 off his hands. . . Did the sea trial this past weekend with him. Extremely knowledgeable guy, funny too
  14. Great story! Should be getting salsa enticing enough to attract some rail candy this winter. It's crazy how many people want to be your friend when you have a good looking boat. . .
  15. Well it's a deal. Took it out for sea trials and wow is it impressive, compared to the 4ksb's I've sailed before this thing is a rocket ship and I totally understand what all the hubub surrounding these boats is about. I believe that's the first time I've ever actually *felt* a sailboat accelerate
  16. But you can outrun their weapons, which they were more or less capable of
  17. The modern classics from Triumph set themselves apart I thought (Mine on the right)
  18. Alfa class. This was built back when the soviets open for speed rather than stealth. The idea was if they can't out sneak NATO, they can outrun them, and they did. There was a handful of years in the 80's where the Alfa could flat out run pretty much any NATO weapon. These were impressive ships but heavily automated for a variety of reasons I won't go into here which caused a lot of down time for repairs. If anyone is interested further, SubBrief channel on YouTube is an excellent source. He has done several OSINT briefs on a variety of boats, Alfa included. Also brings up why a
  19. This method I can confirm works well, I've used it on a handful of different applications. An option I've used when I couldn't get to my lathe was a center punch and some patience. Auto punch makes this much easier, but your essentially doing the same thing as knurling it, without having to pay machinist wages or waiting a week
  20. When I did the walk through my phone was about dead so wasn't able to get any new photos but I did snipe one from the listing. I was curious about double handing it as well. I read through some of the old threads here and the general consensus was anywhere between very tricky and no problem. . . What was your programs experience? What about single handing (when not racing)?
  21. I'm hoping to do the same. I was surprised to say the least when the broker came up with a price about 15k more than I paid for it a year and a half ago. Hoping it goes quick too, I'll have a J/29 to fiddle with soon On that note, I met with the broker a few weeks ago and I still haven't seen any listings yet. As this is my first sale I'm not sure if I'm getting the runaround or if it's just a busy time. Any advice on this?
  22. It's a FROB but in good shape. Still has some 40 y.o. boat problems but nothing a weekend or two won't solve. I was lucky enough to pick it up *after* the 5 figure sail inventory was added, that and the spars and standing rigging are brand new - as of 8 years ago at least.
  23. First time poster long time lurker. . . Anyway I just put an offer in on a J/29 by the name of Salsa. Question is anybody have any history on her? Anecdotes? Looking for some stories ( good and bad) to give me a warm and fuzzy about her. Also, any words of advice are welcome
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