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  1. Does anyone from AS (other than GRS) read what is posted on Anarchy? If so, how can they just sit back and not tell GRS to get back in his box and stop bringing AS into disrepute (if it is in repute in the first place).
  2. Carpet, brush. Nothing to see here !!!!!
  3. Oh dear Flinty. You need to keep up with sailing Southeast Queensland style. starboard gives way to port don't you know!!!
  4. GRS quote "I also feel that my professional reputation with senior local stakeholders was severely damaged; I left the hearing humiliated." As I have said before, truly thin skinned. Your "professional reputation" (such as it may be, judged by others) would not have been damaged at all if you hadn't taken the demonstrably stupid course that you did in seeking redress when, on any view, it first, wasn't warranted, and second, was going to get your owner in no better situation given his shit points position.
  5. GRS wanted to dazzle with his encyclopedic knowledge of the rules. Oooops But the bigger problem is why did he carry on with his complaint? Pathetic.
  6. As Hoppy knows, the toilet is the most important item in the purchase decision.
  7. Dear oh dear. It just gets worse and worse. GRS, you ought to consider your position. Time to move on from AS and get a real job. Methinks you have lost whatever respect you may have had.
  8. If you have to ask, why, then the concept is beyond your understanding and you will be taken away by aliens.
  9. Is there a special section on starboard and port local rules. Is GRS the speaker? Oh what fun.
  10. Snaggs is not a person, it is a concept.
  11. In a dispute with the former President !!!!!
  12. But it was completely clear that they had to round the mark before the alternate finish line in this case. Stick to the Shang solution.
  13. Correct, no one actually finished the alternative race since no one, in fact, sailed the alternative course. Even Dog Watch accepts that. He/she simply wants to ignore that fact and describes it as a "minor point" . I just wonder if I chose to miss a short offset mark in a race and I beat him to win the world championship would he/she be so sanguine when I said to the Protest Committee, it is only a "rather minor point".
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