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  1. For once you have to agree with the Chinese. If the nuclear waste is so safe then drink it Japan.
  2. That is where the Harbourmaster will tow it. Out of sight, out of mind. Crystal Moon ... I wonder what happened to her.
  3. The ship probably has cargo down below and it has shifted, hence the continued list.
  4. To the original question. Of course not.
  5. Russell Brown, looks like Leo and Tally Ho are coming down to Port Townsend to play with you.
  6. Just the threat of Boaty McBoatface was enough.
  7. I toasted the whiskey plank. Fantastic achievement. Have watched every episode and eagerly await my fortnightly fix. Great project. Well done Leo. He dealt with the ship of Theseus kind of questions in one of the episodes. I accept that this is a restoration. Clearly the project has struck a chord with plenty of people. Maybe Covid has helped.
  8. You will be fine Hoppy. Done many miles in Pittwater after rain. Enjoy.
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