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  1. Randumb, you make another unjustified assumption. I am not a member of any club. Everyone understands how it works. You do not have a mortgage on that piece of the puzzle. As usual you bluster away with nothing to contribute. No one needs your "help".
  2. True this !!!!! But the problem is that AS does not think that they represent the sailors but rather the clubs. That is the problem.
  3. Can someone please link to the judgment or a relevant news article. That is not defamatory or in any way a problem
  4. Oh dear Randumb. So those that have the vote now, the clubs, will vote to give those who want the votes, ,the individuals, the vote. Especially where the present system works (or maybe not in all cases but certainly for the biggies) for the clubs. Really !!! What universe do you live in? Just so you know in advance, I am not going to waste my time with dealing with your endless shit. I have watched that play out way too many times on these forums.
  5. Glen, isn't this the problem? AS has as its members, the clubs. We individuals who may or may not be members of clubs get no say as an individual and yet it is we individuals that have to pay for your very existence. Then to cap it off, AS clearly does not reflect the views of the individuals (if the straw poll on SA is any measure) who actually pay the money to the clubs so that the clubs can affiliate and be members. it may be before your time but can you answer why individuals don't get a vote. What is AS scared of? What is the stick that AS uses to get the clubs into line?
  6. It certainly decided who wouldn't win the division.
  7. That was a wild night. We went north to Bird Island and were back at the heads at dawn. The race was called off and we spent the next two days out searching for Waikikamukau and those who were on her. The Joggies went south. RIP, very sad.
  8. AS, finger on the pulse (of the dead).
  9. So Smack, Slingers rises to the top again. No leveling of the playing field can stop the cream rising to the top.
  10. Are vaccination passports mandatory for the race and can you ask an MOB to see his/her passport before you rescue them? Can you throw them back?
  11. You are getting better looking in your avatar Hoppy.
  12. All the older guys used to sleep in the cockpit on the delivery and let the youngun's drive. No apprenticeship, I am already a rock star ... get off my lawn youngun's. With you Tubby, another grumpy old man !!!
  13. There are quite a few Bonbridge 27's in Sydney. Weren't they designed as a non grand prix quarter tonner. I am sure there are plenty of other quarter tonners in Sydney as well.
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