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  1. I'm on my first 1989 FJ1200. 40,000 miles, 33 years. Lots of trips more than 5 hours of riding including some approaching 1000 miles. More maintenance costs even just looking a tires. I spend about $0.13 per mile on gas now that we are at $5/gallon. Total cost per mile, including the original purchase price of $6K is probably pretty competitive. I would have had more miles but the bike was parked for 16 years due to kids and family. When I got it going again, it was clear that dormancy is the weak point of IC motorcycles as the carbs (and hydraulics) were a disaster. The Zero
  2. A bunch of guys in my neighborhood scratch built a Curtiss Jenny.
  3. I've been running Linux for a couple of years now. I hate windows. No better way to make an old windows machine run at lightspeed than to put Ubuntu or some other Linux distro on it. I've also been upgrading to solid state drives. The computer I'm typing this on was a $35 ebay special, Dell Optiplex 3010, with no hard drive. A $30 250G solid state drive from Newegg and a $44 Panda Wireless PAU06 wifi adapter from Amazon and I was in business. I've repeated this recipe about 4 times now.
  4. For those of us not on farcebook, what is it, where, and how much?
  5. Roughly where? I'm in the Rockford IL area. Also, ditch the trolling motor. https://youtu.be/3Mew_e3mBMI
  6. Congrats - the perfect boat for your mission. It will be the slowest boat on the lake unless you factor in setup and breakdown time. We had a Snark (RIP) and it was a lot of fun. We would sail when all the real boats sailors were ashore because of too much wind. Lots of fun for little money and little hassle. We replaced the broken snark with a Sunflower. Much better for an adult. Our rub rail is gone and water gets between the plastic and foam. Someday I'll rip off the plastic and vacuum bag a single ply of fiberglass on it. These days we sail the Hobie 16 more but the sunflower
  7. A local company in Rockford offers this: We built one of their smaller kits - the wing in ground effect doesn't interest me much. Seems like disaster waiting to happen.
  8. WhThere are more awesome boats than the H14/16. Still, they have their appeal. My H16 is pretty cheap. I started trailering backwards and it makes the mast much easier to step. The mast is already up some before you have to lift. https://www.thebeachcats.com/forums/viewtopic/topic/18642 Getting a new mast for your H14 is an option, though it sounds like an H16 or something cooler would be a better plan. Edit: at the end of this video, you can see that when we drop the mast that it will be well above the rear beam, eliminating the hardest part of the step.
  9. A battery electric car would work great for most of my driving. My daily commute is 30 miles. Too expensive though. I bought my commuter for $500 four years ago. Including the purchase, I've spent about $2000 total on maintenance. It gets 30ish MPG and tows my sailboat.
  10. Ha, I posted in that thread with a link to the beachcats forum and a YouTube video. Ours work great so far. I think the root issues are 1) we really don't know what we are doing, 2) too much crew weight for the H16. Our solution is to replace the H16 with a Supercat 17, which gets back to volume in the bow.
  11. The cat on the right is a Supercat 17. It was free from a friend, though I had to drive from Northern Illinois to South Florida to get it. I'm going to buy new standing rigging for it this spring and get it on the water this year. The H16 in the way back is a bit of a frankenboat. We originally bought a $400 Hobie and trailer. Did a bunch of work, sailed it a few times, and then this: We bought another H16 for $300, and used what seemed like the best parts. I had to fix the port hull, as featured on Joyrider TV. Since then we found the starboard hull from th
  12. So our first Snark met its demise last year: I was going to glue it back together but decided to move on. I have too many other projects. We had our $100 worth of fun and learning out of it.
  13. My Hobie 16 uses no gas. My tow vehicle gets close to 30 MPG. I don't worry too much about gas prices.
  14. If I was still in Connecticut, I'd go with my buddies in the Sikorsky composite lab. Your avatar suggests you might know people there.
  15. Here's one at the beachcats: https://www.thebeachcats.com/classifieds/catamaran-sails-for-sale/p17089-hobie-18-mainsail.html
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