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  1. Does anybody have any helpful hints as to how I can back up my boat in reverse and have the stern turn to the right so that I can then shift into forward and turn to the left? It’s literally a ton of weight to turn at very low speed.
  2. Does anyone have any tips on how to reverse away from the dock, turning to the right and then forward to the left?
  3. The brick house! I get it. I read every reply- at least twice-I appreciate every one.
  4. Not really a blue water fortress. I have done most of my sailing on an Alberg 30 which I was also told was a slow boat when I got it. It’s not a racer for sure but I regularly get upper 4 knots-some conditions 5 plus. If I could get something approaching that in a Westsail I’d be thrilled. Anyway, I do appreciate your insights.
  5. I did have a similar question last week as you correctly note. After I got the survey however I decided to pass on it. I am now interested in a Westsail 32.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with a westsail 32 in 6-7 knot winds? how about 8-9?
  7. Looking for advice on Southern Cross 31-I’m told they are great looking for blue water but very slow in lake sailing/is that true?

    1. SloopJohnB


      Wrong person, you need my cousin from Vancouver "SloopJonB"

  8. What I really want to know is if anyone from their experience with them can say how they would perform in 7-8 knot winds with a 140 Genoa
  9. I am seriously considering buying a Southern Cross 31. I live in Toronto. In June and July we can get some fairly Light wind days but generally I don’t go out until there is 8 kn of wind or so. I single hand only. Is the Southern Cross 31 to heavy a boat for cruising in those conditions?
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