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  1. Yes, and we know the heart causes irrational thinking and irrational behaviour at times, all in the name of what we feel and think is 'right'.
  2. Above and beyond all the other relatively modern factors such as defense/NATO issues (real or imagined), buffer state, rebuilding the USSR, election and domestic considerations, etc, etc, there is another major factor (perhaps evenTHE major factor) that is often missed in these discussions: Modern day Ukraine is the true precursor and cradle of Russian history, religion, and civilisation, from 1000 years and more ago. You could draw some parallels with Israel and Jerusalem, with Saudi Arabia and Mecca, and other similar examples. Hundreds of years before Moscow or Russia even ex
  3. yeah, that's how we all do 'deliveries' isn't it?
  4. Thanks for taking the time to look it up and post it. I was going to refer Stingray to the Protocol... Most of these questions/speculation are clearly answered already.
  5. I think Riley from La Vagabonde mentioned in a recent video that the amas are built for their Rapido 60. I don't remember about the status of the main hull. But in any case, yes, Asia has been hammered by covid, causing all sorts of delays.
  6. https://www.sail-world.com/news/226036/Americas-Cup-Italians-drop-rig-in-Cagliari They dropped the rig during training in Sardinia due to a forestay chainplate failure (which is feature that is unique to the Italian boat), but I don't recall that Boat 1 was ever "broken".
  7. https://www.lunarossachallenge.com/en/video/523_Road-To-Auckland-Boat-1.html "The first AC75 of the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, which was christened in October 2019, recently left Cagliari and is on its way to New Zealand."
  8. I look at it a different way. Why would any of the other well funded teams pass up the opportunity to buy one of the fastest and most well proven AC75s around, if it was available for sale? If it's just a case of a few million then that's not a problem for them. ETNZ Boat 1 was probably as fast as all of the other boat Team's Boat 2s. ETNZ Boat 2 was really a 2.5/3.0 and a step ahead of everyone else. We only saw glimpses of how fast Boat 2 really was. REALLY FAST seems to be the answer, given a bit more development and time for the crew to get to grips with sailing it well
  9. That extra cloth is actually part of Doyle's Stack Pack System, it's visible on mainsails equipped with that system. That extra 'membrane' as they call it is meant to hold the stack pack flat against the mainsail when it's at full hoist, thus reducing extra drag. In the example photos above, with the main not hoisted properly, and the stack pack maybe not adjusted properly, this membrane doesn't seem to be doing it's job properly. https://www.doylesails.com/stackpack/ https://www.doylesails.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Stackpack-manual.pdf It should actually look lik
  10. I wonder how many of those jobs will be heading offshore as SailGP continues to expand and the logistics and practicality of having the Warkworth facility begins to be less suitable? I understand that this is already being discussed and considered by SailGP. We see the AC40s will be built in Asia. McConaghy, HH Catamarans, Seawind, Rapido Trimarans, and others have all established high tech composite production facilities there. Seems to be the way that things are going. Off topic a bit, but I wonder if a big French player like Outremer/Gunboat (on the performance side) or Lagoon (o
  11. I certainly can't disagree with that. The numbers around all these types of events or projects are always spun positively and negatively as a pro or a con by the different concerned parties, and as you said that makes it very hard to ever get an unbiased number.
  12. That's a tough call, and one which this time, and in these circumstances the NZ government has decided is not politically acceptable. I think we can all understand why, even if (as I mentioned earlier) in hindsight it comes to be understood as shortsighted, both for Auckland, and New Zealand as a whole. To answer your question more directly, I think the answer 'can' be yes - with the overriding factor being in relation to the wider public good vs the money spent. The haters tend to view this narrowly (and even perhaps falsly, but let's not argue that), ie: why should the governm
  13. You are again missing the point and fixated on Auckland and ETNZ and KHD and, and, and... Really my post(s) were following your earlier one with regard to Malaga, and them "...anticipating that a deal would be for multiple events. (But so did Auckland, so I guess the devil is in the details)." The same applies to any host city and/or defending team. The defending team expects to win and therefore defend again, and the host city expects that their infrastructure investment will be used again and 'pay off' over multiple years. That 'best effort' thinking and outcome is only n
  14. You both missed the point, which was that the practical reality will always be that 'sufficient' money still needs to be found, regardless of what 'sufficient' is deemed to be for a particular cycle, host city, defending team, etc. ...and "no contractural clause from a host city would change that, unless they were also contracturally required to provide the required amount of funding too". And even then, contractural stipulations don't force money to fall out of the sky. Governments change, teams change, sponsors change, thinking and priorities change, etc, etc, and there is normally
  15. Yes the devil is indeed in the detail, but there is also practical reality to consider. Of course a host city would like to rehost the event to amortise the infrastructure costs over multiple cycles. But even if there if there is a contractural clause stipulating rehosting, further funds still need to be available to cover the practical reality of running the event again. Without diving back into the Dalton controversy, in simplistic terms that's the current issue with Auckland. Further infrastructure is now there (which has been developed across decades if we consider the wider
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