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  1. Welcome to the family. I own hull #56 and I think you're really going to enjoy the Rocket, whether it's planing upwind solo or enjoying a sail with company. One trick you will appreciate when sailing with a passenger is the ability to reverse the main sheet - it gives you more room, and the ability to have a conversation without your passenger crawling around to avoid interfering with the sheet. Just pin the main sheet block to the U-bolt on the rudder instead of the padeye on the deck and only use the aft sheet block. Also, we now have a Facebook group for Rocket owners: Fulcrum
  2. From this statement, I assumed you were also considering a new one: "I should also mention that I sent an email to Laser Itnl to suss out any possibility of Sunfish arriving south of the equator."
  3. If your budget doesn't suit the Rocket, it definitely won't suit a new Sunfish from LP. A new Rocket is 10% cheaper.
  4. I appreciate his optimism, but no thank you. Looks like he made a Rocket compatible cheek assembly and put his regular rudder blade into it. Also, there's no U bolt on it to attach the mainsheet, so this would probably involve some drilling to attach the U bolt and the tiller. I'll stick with the Clarks.
  5. Here's a question for the Rocket owners - I was thinking of starting a Facebook group for the Rocket. I realize that there are probably only 60 or so of us worldwide, but I think it might be helpful for us to connect with each other and share tips and tricks, and might also be of use to prospective buyers. Any interest? Fulcrum Rocket Sailboat Owners | Facebook
  6. Having rigged and sailed my Rocket only twice (today would have been perfect to see what it's like it a medium breeze, but unfortunately my schedule wouldn't permit it and I had no one to help me load and unload), I can offer the following: - A "Jens" rig or a "Gust Adjust" is absolutely workable on a Rocket. It will probably be next season before I can experiment on the right halyard location, but as long as you can tie a rolling hitch it's easy to relocate the halyard anywhere on the top spar. - When car topping the spars and mast just fit under either side of the boat on my roof
  7. Turns out, it's hull #56 - the HIN is a little hard to read. Makes sense though when you look at the photo of the daggerboard slot.
  8. Rocket Launch! I ended up not hooking up the GoPro today because a neighbor who is new to sailing needed my help learning to rig his Sunfish. Conditions were kind of challenging with the breeze blowing straight onto a shallow shore, so instead of sailing his boat I invited him to come with me for a demo. The guy seemed very inexperienced and wanted to put 3 adults on a 70s vintage Sunfish, so fortunately I convinced him to sail with me instead of endangering his girlfriend and brother. I learned a lot. With 2 large men aboard it is a wet ride. Probably 450 lbs between the 2 of us and the
  9. I have a VW Jetta GLI and the Thule Evo square bar worked for me with the kit 145016. They finally got them back in stock in September.
  10. Locked and loaded and ready for the ride back to NJ.
  11. Pictures of the daggerboard slot and mainsheet tackle, and the mast step, fairleads and halyard/downhaul cleats.
  12. Pictures of the transom and daggerboard foil.
  13. Here are some photos from the Fulcrum Speedworks shop today when I picked up my Rocket. Owner Dave Clark and Sales Manager Kirk Nash couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. Not pictured is the prototype oar blade and carbon fiber shaft I got to peep. It's really an ingenious solution and will only involve drilling a hole in the gunwale and gluing in a plastic sleeve for the oarlocks. There were at least 3 Rockets in various stages of molding and 3 or 4 UFOs under construction. They told me that soon they will be moving to a larger shop that will allow them to work on more boats at the same
  14. I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this thread after ordering my Rocket in April. Probably a good thing, since it would have made the wait much harder. Now I'm all set to pick it up on Friday (!) so I've really enjoyed all the information in this thread and especially appreciate Dave and Steve participating with great information and updates. See you Friday Dave!
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