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  1. Also, Im rooting for plan B of Astoria! Did you call Janice to check on availability?
  2. Typically, most states will let you buy a boat in one state and register in another, but you will often have a rather small window to move it to that state if you do so. If you are keeping the boat in WA for the winter, youll likely have to register it there and pay WA sales tax (8.3% - not sure what CA sales tax is). After that registration is up you can re-register in CA, but shouldnt be doubled down on the sales tax, just the hassle of re-registering the vessel.
  3. Definitely come to Astoria. Amazing little town. Mostly cause I wanna look at your boat! Seriously though, Astoria does have transient slips and I have seen visiting boats stay up to 60mo. They were doing dredging the last few weeks, so Im not sure what the current availability is, but give Janice a call. 503-325-8279 I wouldnt doddle though. The bar gets pretty nasty in the winter. Check your weather and bar conditions.
  4. Not a single photo in this thread... Useless.
  5. As far as I understand it, that only applies to bays, sounds, and other inland waters. The coast here (WA) is public highway like Oregon with the exception of various protected areas. Long beach peninsula for example:
  6. Glad he was located safe. I felt fairly confident given the circumstances, that he would be. I worked many overdue cases like this down in the Keys in the CG days. More often than not, they would have been delayed, beset, or often shacked up with a mistress. The worst ones are when no one really knows his float plan. These are so important...
  7. Where ya goin mate? This is just getting good!
  8. You're also gonna need to turn your camera after sailing...
  9. Essh. I bet they'll have a hard time getting insurance money if its actually documented that they refused a tow. It's negligence at that point...
  10. Generally, yes. The CG tends to not board boats that have had inspections/boardings recently. Keep in mind though, that the Aux performs "courtesy inspections" so while the checklist is the same, it wont necessarily keep you from getting a second look from the orange and blue.
  11. I think that would be a pretty rare occurance. Still, sometimes we end up having to dodge freighters in our races. We ended up taking 3rd or 4th in a race this year when we had to take the stern of a biggun before rounding the mark. We were in first to that point... it happens.
  12. A more recent supreme court ruling mirrors what you speak of, but DOES include the PC caveat: US vs LEE 1927 On May 31, 1927, Justice Louis Brandeis delivered the unanimous opinion of the Court. The Court held the Coast Guard has authority to visit, search and seize an American vessel on the high seas beyond the twelve-mile limit when probable cause exists to believe that U.S. laws are being violated; that it has authority also to arrest persons on such vessel when there is reason to believe those persons are engaged in committing a felony.[5] The Court also held that the use
  13. I am 100% positive it requires PC to violate the "reasonable expectation of privacy" on a standard boarding. There ARE multiple layers however to targeted LE boardings that often come with pre-existing PC due to various factors, bi-lateral agreements, etc. There's a whole lot "other" factors there, but when we are talking rolling up on a random boat, you're looking at a safety inspection where the Boarding Officer must abide by PC and "reasonable expectation of privacy".
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