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  1. Could you "cut/score" then fold and glue into shape instead of having radius-ed corners?
  2. Anyone here have any experience with Vans Treks as boat shoes?
  3. I second this above method. You are going to have to hand lay it up and vacuum bag each sheet. Attached a photo of a small piece of Mahogany shop made plywood, this was to replace the pierced, ornamental back on a dining chair. Re-saw, edge glue each layer, flatten layers (both sides), layup into plywood, vacuum bag. Also, have you thought about just using your Redwood as veneer layers on nice plywood? Why do you want to produce redwood veneer cored ply?
  4. Are you bagging your test panels with thick platens top and bottom? How thick are the veneers you are using? Seems like you are talking about shop sawn - the hard part for larger panel sizes will be edge gluing the sawn veneer pieces together, flattening those layers then pressing them all together into the ply sandwich. Got a wide belt? I think that the way to add veneer to an infusion stack would be for it to be on the bottom, with f/g and scored foam on top.
  5. Bernd Kohler has a few bi-rigged catamarans like this, I think a small trimaran as well. https://ikarus342000.com/DUO480Cpage.htm
  6. Can confirm - not a good feeling. I got a "dude, what happened!?" from the x-ray tech while being admitted after my left hand got pulled into a shaper. I knew it was bad that instant.
  7. That stuff looks nice. I would give them a call - they have always been very helpful and knowledgeable when I have had questions. My experience is with the New Orleans branch, but I would assume that others would be able to answer any questions or send you a sample.
  8. I found the Rhodes22.org owners group, doesn't seem to be much going on there but they did have some good info. Will try the trailer sailor board. Thanks.
  9. Rhodes 22 - anyone have one? One has popped up near me for next to nothing. Solid project boat status I'm sure.. From what I've read, they are pretty solid little "cruisers" I am looking for a boat big enough to do comfortable long weekend cruising in the Gulf of Mexico. But small enough to be easily maintained and trailerable. Any thoughts from current or past owners?
  10. Rowed out the one of our barrier islands for a low key hammock camp last weekend. Pre-paint on the dinghy. The design is Joe Dolber's pepita. Drawn for a cruising world competition I believe. I got the drawings from duckworks last year and redrew them in cad. Laser cut the parts this summer and just finished getting it all put together. Probably one more sanding session then into the cabinet to see what colors of left over 2 part paint I've got.
  11. Kurt Hughes Lunar Lander Tiny House http://multihulldesigns.com/designs_other/sp_lunarlander.htm
  12. I've used both of these places (polymer shapes, and piedmont plastics) They both seem to have locations around the US. https://www.polymershapes.com/ https://www.piedmontplastics.com/ Also, call your local glass shops, they can get acrylic as well and also should be able to handle the cutting/fab if you provide templates.
  13. The big one (Multi Cam) has an M2621 control board in it. The small one (CamMaster Stinger I) uses WinCNC. We were using V-Carve Pro with the CamMaster. Looks like we have several options, software wise, with the Multi Cam.
  14. Yes - This 100%... Our recent acquisition, is a 8'x20' CNC from Ebay. A large corporation with gov contracts was shutting down a manufacturing plant, they needed it gone asap, we were happy to step in to help with that. Yes, that is our old CNC (2'x3') sitting on the bed.
  15. I just wanted to reach out and offer my CNC to cut out the parts for your dinghy build.

    We are located in Ocean Springs, MS - not that far from you right?

    We just upgraded to an 8'x20' Multicam 5000, and I am looking for other ways to use it besides making marquetry dining room tables.
    We would be interested in producing kits for you, if that is a path you want to go down.

    Email is [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you,


    (Tried to message you, but it says that you cannot receive messages.)



    1. Rasputin22


      Hope this gets through to you Burnside. Yes I would like to work with you on kitting out some of these dinghy ideas. Big question is whether you have nice marine plywood locally? 


    2. BurnsideStyle


      Awesome! Ive been getting nice marine ply out of New Orleans, so relatively locally.


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