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  1. I have nothing constructive to add, but I wanted to let you know I replied without tits. Good luck with your search, see you at raceweek next year.
  2. Christ that looks good with the light wood
  3. That's where I'm settling. Wipeon for bulkheads, fixed cabinetry/settee and the overhead. Varnish on the table and chart table and drop boards.
  4. Nice tip. My stairs are glass, but will think about this for the sole.
  5. TIL! I'm going to feel a lot less sketched out about doing this. It's *so* much easier and comfortable to sheet from windward.
  6. Fair enough! I guess it's a trade off between not having a sheet to trip over, or being highside. Wonder if my race skipper would consider this setup, would efinitely make it easier to trim when he has us all to windward. Any risk of improper forces on the hull?
  7. Thanks @SloopJonB! Going to give this a shot first.
  8. What's up with the cross sheeting in the original post photo? Why would you do that when you have crew? Any ideas? I do it when I'm single handed but that just makes it easier to crank on the high side
  9. Was hoping you might be able to expand on this! If I do the wipe-on, do I do multiple coats like I would varnish? Or is this a good way to start, and then you scuff and varnish to bring out some more shine?
  10. Awesome. Getting super excited to start this project. This is my first boat, and while I have a project list as long as my arm, she's in really decent knick and I'm learning as I go. I bought 300ft of boat cable to rewire it at the beginning of the season, but as soon as she launched I lost interest - everything is working, she took a shine on the gelcoat with one application of 3M wax/polish and sailing took priority over working on it. Now that she's coming out of the water in a month, prioritizing all the nice to haves like the varnish work, rewire, LED update below decks and re-upholster.
  11. After some more research, it seems it's Afromosia (African Teak). It was initially oil finished. Is it sacrilege to varnish if it was originally oiled? I'm starting to think that imperfections might be easier to spot on the giant slabs, and maybe should oil rather than varnish - and save the varnish for the nav table, and the dinette. Although, I can visualize if I nail the job, how cool it'd all look just being pristine and glossy.
  12. Here's a couple of photos to help us identify what I'm working with
  13. @Israel Handsthank you - my cabin sole is very thin in general. I'll need to look to see if it's veneer attached to a backing board. It's in two pieces, fore and aft of the compression post. The previous owner unscrewed it all so it just sort of sits loose. It's not *bad* but if I improve the rest of the cabin, it'll look a bit out of place. If it is not real wood, and is just vinyl or something I'll look to replace likely. As for my other wood, I have no idea what sort of wood it is and I have not been able to find information on the finishing of the Kelt 7.6 cabin. It's a darkish
  14. Thanks for the tip! Right now it doesn't look like the wood has any finish on it. I've oiled it initially to see if I could bring out some shine, but obviously that didn't last long. The current state of everything is pretty good - just dull. I'd love to add some gloss and really make the interior pop, along with the re-upholstering we're doing. There's no existing finish as far as I can tell. My desire to make it candy coated is probably a bit overkill for this boat, but at the very least if I don't do the bulkheads (just re-oil) I'd love to make my tables and cabin sole shi
  15. Hey! Fall is here, and boat's coming out of the water in a month - so time to do all the stuff I was putting off while sailing. Have done a ton of reading on re-finishing my interior wood surfaces. My boat (Kelt 7.6) has no exterior brightwork other than the companionway boards, so trying to understand what the best path forward is. Also understand I'm in for a ton of coats per surface. I guess the main question is, should I be focused on varnish or poly for interior? Don't really have an UV concerns since it's inside, and poly has basically replaced varnish for at least indoor furni
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