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  1. I’ve just installed one solar panel on my 23ft Ranger. Is that enough? using it to charge my phone speakers charging devices sailboat lights
  2. I’m going out on a commercial tuna vessel this week hopefully I get some experience in the Atlantic
  3. It’s a manual bilge pump lol I’ve added a smart pump plus I have an emergency pump. I’m installing solar panels this week and adding 2 more batteries giving me a total of 3. I think it’s over kill and I got this lil generator. An extra prop some extra spark plugs and I think the lil motor will be fine. Chart plotter and pilot I will get. NJ so worries me sheet that I’m good... that’s a beast and o don’t wanna go in and out no jetties there
  4. Slow I’m not so sure but suited for the Atlantic... I’m listening
  5. So very true! Atlantic scares me to death
  6. No you guys didn’t scare me off yet! You did however make me think more about where I will be stopping over night. Yes it seems I can motor sail it quite a ways. My fear is NJ i have little experience sailing, but I have tons of experience offshore B particularly the Gulf of Mexico where I was a deep sea diver for about 10 years. I won’t fear no wind but I do fear the Atlantic Ocean!! Provisions water food etc not worried about... sinking, mask problems, keel issues... leaks, properly working bilge pump’s... cold weather, darkness. Yes boating at night is dangerous and it scares me! I th
  7. Sailing from Long Island to fl in a 23ft Ranger how dangerous is it? When in November is it best to leave? Do I need a chart plotter or is the one I downloaded on my phone good enough? Is weather radar a must or can I do without? Big question is where can I moor freely on the way?? Thanks
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