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  1. Lots of people have died on this 'bar', the only boats inside are small fishing boats, only locals do it on the right tide. When you leave Neah Bay, there is nothing until Newport which is a fine place to enter, usually I stay +50 miles out, It's now October a terrible place to not be +100 miles out, especially after leaving the Columbia Astoria; My personal guess is they were over their heads left Astoria, were sicker than hell, and tried to enter 'bar' at Rockaway, which is impossible, unless its day time and you were are local. Inside this bay there are no boats for a reason othe
  2. I see lots of posts where people say "Rather than sail to SE-ASIA, I think I should just go there and buy a boat", well if that's your plan, then read on. ... I had a new flicka-20 that I sailed PNW for +20 years solo, and then moved to Thailand +10 years ago, I miss not having a boat; Been looking now over +1 year for a small sailboat here in Thailand/Malaysia. Some +90% of all the boats for sale in region that are sail, are big-cat's; Very few mono-hull, and hardly no full-keel cruisers of pocket range. ( 28'-32' ) ... To date 4 of 4 boats that I h
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