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  1. Strangest one I met was at the Government Dock in Comox BC 20 years ago. His sailboat was about 34 feet in length and he was German. I admired the self steering. Probably a Wind pilot from Germany. We talked and he told me about rounding Cape Horn with his wife who was sadly deceased. I wanted to photograph the interesting self steering rudder and vane. 5 minute trip to get the camera......his boat was out of the harbour and at Goose Spit by the time I returned.....
  2. Mostly drug smugglers keeping govt coastguard police etc busy in one place while transiting in another.
  3. Strange yellow welded horizontal ladder welded to both sides of the Hull? . And . Lifeline stantions that are angled outwards?
  4. But didn't Doug build a submersible with parts adapted or custom made? Reflects extraordinary problem solving skills.
  5. British Ausin in 1968 in a northern Ontario Canadian winter. . Left side front disc brake fractured into 2 pieces and was held together by ice for a while. Apart from that, the rust and the engine needing a rebuild at 20000 miles it was an excellent car in the snow.
  6. Years ago a Fisher motor sailor newly purchased by a couple and docked at Tofino saw a double fatality when the diesel stove was lit WITHOUT removing the chimney cap.
  7. Commercial wood furniture refi ishing chemical dipping tank.....
  8. Tow lines can stretch and snap with devestating consequence. Use non stretching lines.
  9. With the inner jib/ storm jib shown would just an extra stay be needed set aft bt a couple of feet or running backstays from storm sail head position on mast?
  10. Chinese hunter killer sub and US sub following each other ..... . TOO CLOSE HMS Talent Trafalgar Class 2015 Iceberg or Russian hunter killer sub collision,.... . There was past similar US sub story.
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