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  1. Truly appreciative of all the suggestions and thoughts. So much helpful information here. I pulled all of these locations/tips together in a list to start chipping away at. Planning to start with Narragansett Bay next summer, using a Fort Getty campsite as a base, with some combo of lessons - either with Sail Newport or NESC - and some Nomad sailing on my own or with a buddy. (For anyone interested in Fort Getty: Jamestown's rec department takes tent site reservations starting in January. They are very helpful on the phone - leave a voicemail and they will call back. They also have RV s
  2. Thank you — lots of volume; very little pressure: understood. (Also, if this is “the” Steve Clark, it’s an honor; I love your boat. Never had more fun sailing. The cockpit layout is genius.)
  3. Holy crap — what fantastic tip! Thank you. I knew nothing about Sail Newport. It does seem like a gem (to quote fastyacht). As I mentioned above, I live about 3 hours away in Western Mass. I looked into the options, and I’m actually considering the possibility of reserving a tent campsite at Ft. Getty State Park in Jamestown for a few consecutive weekends next summer. They allow parking with boats — and it’s only about 25 minutes from Sail Newport. That would actually allow me to take some lessons with Sail Newport on their J/22s, and also get my own boat into the bay. Hell, I might ev
  4. Point well taken (and well illustrated)!
  5. This is great stuff, thanks so much to everyone. Quick followup: any favored access points (boat ramps) on Winnipesaukee and/or Buzzards Bay?
  6. Thanks to everyone for the excellent info and tips. Now I have what I need to develop a gameplan…
  7. Hi All, I live in landlocked Western Massachusetts where have a Vanguard Nomad 17 that I would like to sail more often, and in more locations, starting next summer. So my question for New Englanders is, what are your favorite spots for daysailing? I have in mind Lake Winnipesaukee, Boston Harbor... Key considerations for me would be (1) good boat ramp where I can leave my SUV and trailer for the day; (2) decently consistent wind (I sail on a reservoir in my area where the wind goes in three directions at once and it gets a little old); and (3) ideally the possibility of actually visiti
  8. Hello All, I'm new to this website -- so much interesting info! I own a Vanguard Nomad 17. I purchased it in excellent condition from a guy in Connecticut who didn't have much time to sail it. It was kind of a garage queen. This season, it was moored all summer on a lake in southern Vermont. At the end of the season, when we pulled it out, we unscrewed the drain hole in the stern and what seemed like 10 gallons of brackish water came out. It took about 15 minutes to drain completely. We were pretty shocked at the amount. The hull appears to be in fine shape so we don't
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