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  1. Here is ours! We even have a blue spar, making her quite easy to spot at a distance. I really like the blue hulls, it just seems fitting for sailing yachts. Side note, that is not me driving though I obviously have a fun captian's hat as well.
  2. Haha yes, well sort of. The boom isnt wooden, it matches the mast. The mail sail cover is from a boat with a longer boom and the previous owner thought it rather clever to stick that piece of wood in the end of the boom when in storage so the toping lift could hold the boom up without bunching up the sail cover.... that has since been ditched.
  3. This listing is a previous attempt for the owner to sell the boat a year before we just did the deal in person. Ontario Ship Yards was all the information we have in the somewhat sparce paperwork. Knowing that there were two sort of models of these, the earlier one with a longer cabin top and a more livable interior and then a more race focused one made me think that this was just an earlier one from Wiggers, though I seem to only be able to find information on the more racing deck layout from Wiggers.
  4. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but its been quiet for a little while now and thought maybe I could surface another one of these boats. I own a 1977 Peterson 37 named Karma that is in the PNW out of Anacortes, currently on the hard for the winter while my partner and I are away. We will return in spring and after some refit items will cruise full time. I have not been able to find much information on her specifically and was wondering if someone out there knew more! She has a dark blue hull and interestingly, a navy blue rig as well. I apologize for these being the only two overall photos I
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