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  1. Hydroturf diamond pattern in grey. Nuff said... it's April (4) 20 afterall.
  2. Thanks for the updates. Much appreciated.
  3. Damn Ed. Change formats and we lose our favorite poster. Cannot blame him, but I sure miss Mr. Donovan's posts. Most educational posts ever. Fascinating build.
  4. Yes. Just enter course distance, elapsed times and ratngs. For TOT, you can enter your own A and B factors. For all methods, you can enter discard profiles, whether whether its a regatta or series, and any other special scoring rules described in the RRS.
  5. Gaia? Is that a boat name or some obscure General Anarchy thread about irresponsible Americans.
  6. https://www.watersportsoutlet.com/musto-m-38.html showed limited lpx, mpx, and hpx for great prices, but I didn't check the available size. It really sucks Musto is vanishing. I have always been happy with musto purchases, as expensive as they were.
  7. https://www.musto.com/ still works for me. Edit... If in the UK, check out https://www.wetsuitoutlet.co.uk/musto-m-38.html. Used to ship to US with free two day delivery, but now they have a US version https://www.watersportsoutlet.com/musto-m-38.html. Ordered a LPX smock from them the US one last summer with no issues. Fisheries is also great. Purchased an MPX jacket from them not so long ago.
  8. Maybe seven crewed IMOCAs and seven VO65s, if you believe what you read.
  9. Buttery instant Idaho mashed potatoes...
  10. Clarisse made the cover of the latest Seahorse Magazine
  11. How about Stirs+Hipes?
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