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    STC BI Race

    Although it would be fantastic if all those covid owners kept sailing, I'm assuming we are going to have an awesome buyer's market for used boats in 2 years
  2. Mention of the K-38 reminds me of one of the legends from the day I have heard a little about, Peggy Slater (and her K-38 and K-43, both named Valentine). In addition to a mishap that she miraculously survived while sailing solo to Hawaii (she was one tough lady), rumor has it that she is the one who got Humphrey Bogart into sailing. Sleddog, it would be great if you could can fill us in a little on her life and sailing exploits....
  3. The first time my dad took me sailing I was too young to remember. This was shortly after his first sail ever. The story is he had saved up $400 to pay for the birth of my brother, who came along soon after me, but because of some complications, the hospital bill so exceeded what he had saved that he decided he might as well put the $400 into a sailboat instead. I don't remember a time when we didn't have a boat. When I was a couple of years old (early '60s), we moved from Berkeley to the LA area, and our new next door neighbor was building a 32' ketch from scratch in his back yard, with which
  4. Since the mission here (as spelled out in the OP) is to talk you out of it, how about this: I assume your wife and kid are looking forward to a nice summer vacation with you in that Airstream trailer. If you buy a SC50 right before, you are going to be totally obsessed with the boat, worried about selling the trailer so you can (almost) afford to fix the boat, and did I say, obsessed with the boat? That's not going to be very fun for them this summer, and not a good way to get them onboard (figuratively and literally) with the boat. Boats have been called the "other woman" for a reason. Forget
  5. It seems like one can find a horror story for just about any boat. Some are one-off problems on a single hull number, and some represent true systematic issues with a design or a manufacturer. Some represent the end of the brand (Oyster, anyone?). Some systematic problems get fixed with later hull numbers, at least by the better manufacturers, but buyer beware (and be ready to address the problem when purchasing a used boat if it doesn't already have the fix). Keel sump problems on J-boats, and various issues on both Tartans and Sabres over the years. I almost hate to mention it, but a 402 (St
  6. Agree that the Catalina 42 looks like a good deal—a lot of boat for the low $100s, and typically quite a few are available at any time. With respect to the OP’s requirements, Catalinas along with Sabres are one of the few modern production boats without a sail drive. Tartans have sail drives, which are desirable for my wife, who is particularly sensitive to engine noise, although I don’t know if they really are that much quieter. Another thing to research. We are also intrigued by the Tartan Solent rigs. However, with the newest cruising code zeros now available, which supposedly furl w
  7. Sounds reasonable. Some of the 402s on YW look pretty tempting. One of them has had the aforementioned crazed deck replaced by Sabre under warranty. Clearly Sabre is a quality company that stands behind their products. My wife and I decided a smaller (34-38’) boat is probably better for us, but if we were interested in a 40-er, the 402s would be at the top of our list.
  8. I've been looking at Tartans and Sabres too. For what my wife and I plan to do for the next 10+ years after retirement (daysailing, coastal cruising, with maybe a longer trip or two to Mexico (from San Diego), both tick a lot of boxes for us (although we are leaning more towards the Tartans right now). John Kretschmer has fairly detailed (and favorable) reviews on several Sabres (Sabre 362, Sabre 402). We are probably a year away from getting serious about buying something, but I've been tracking Tartans and Sabres in the 34-40' range on Yacht World just to get a feel for things (recognizing t
  9. More complete history here. Restoring Sparkle. What a cool boat.
  10. The yachtworld ad has some nice pictures and recent history: Sparkle
  11. Sparkle rebuilt and for sale: 40' 1947 Sparkle for sale. Also on yacht world: "she dominated Southern California racing for 3 decades...". For someone who has the resources and time to maintain a wooden classic, this would be really fun.....
  12. Great history, and love the pic of Gossip. Here is one for the historians: I wonder when was the last transpac that a boat (and what boat?) finished with a dingy strapped to the deck? Antigua was still active and doing well in the KHYC Thursday night beer cans during the mid-late '70s when we were racing my family's Ericson 35. Not sure what happened to Antigua after that.
  13. My parents (87 and 90) still have (and use) their Watts Sails seabags purchased during the '60s. Those things are indestructible. My dad learned to race on the PCC Dorthy E out of LAYC. PCCs were the hot SoCal ocean racers, until they were suddenly displaced by the new kid on the block, the Cal 40. As my dad tells it, the owner of Dorthy E realized his boat just went from competitive to has-been the very first time he raced against a Cal 40 in the Whitney series. End of an era, literally overnight! PCCs are still beautiful boats and will always have a place in my heart--having spent quite a b
  14. Well that's just awsome to know all that crap is in the water, especially having grown up surfing almost daily in the South Bay during the '60s and '70s. I knew a family that lived in PV in which the father's company dumped toxic waste into storm drains that emptied right near where his sons surfed. At least that company got caught in the act and people went to jail. Frigging amazing what people do.
  15. Financing (even of boats) certainly has its place when used appropriately and wisely. Life is short, and you've had 18 years of enjoying your boat. I have lots of respect for all the different ways that people make work for them to indulge the passion that we all share.
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