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  1. Xeon, thanks very much for the details. Definitely helped me a lot. Just a few questions if you dont mind.. 1) 3mm longjohn doesnt trouble you much especially on the leg due to thickness? 2) i also think spray top with neoprene waist is something. So do you go on with some synthetic fleece underneath the spray? It Doesnt get wet? (Or still works good even wet?) neoprene socks with 2mm boot rather than 4mm boots was good idea! Happy winter sailing !!
  2. Location : South Korea (mostly in Han river) Weather : in average, reaching 30 celcius (86F) or more in summer / -5 C (23F) or more in winter (occasionally up to -15C (5F)) Boat : Laser standard (not privately owned) Current gear : Zhik 1mm longjohn & topper, Zhik G1 glove, some cheap wind-breaker, neck gaiter, beanie. Hello all As I found bit cold to sail yesterday with above gears (except neck gaiter & beanie), now I plan to get some more gears. Advices greatly appreciated.. Considering : 1) Boot - found too cold on feet. Think
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