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  1. There have even been rumors that the RS21 should replace the J/70. But cant imagine that soon to happen J boats are just to powerfull. In europe at lake garda the RS21 had some bigger events this year.
  2. My favorite is the gleistein olymic runner twin. Very durable, perfect grip, and good to splice.
  3. Rip out the pillows, the ugly wheel, the fan and probably a lot more. Place two lines one more to starport one more to port in the saloon so you have something to grip on. Whats that metal pipe aft of the mast?
  4. As always with sailing it is a question of how much money you are willing to spend. First i would go with 8mm. Here some line sugestions: Gleistein - RunnerTwin Olympic (Very good grip, quiet expansiv, VERY durable) (I think thats the best choice) Liros - Magic Pro (Good enough grip, very cheap, After 2 seasons you will have to buy a new one) Robline - Coppa 5000 (Very good grip, expansiv, pretty durable) (Havent tested it but people say its pretty good) I would go with Gleistein Runner Twin. All of the ropes are splicable buts its not always easy but you will
  5. Sailing is a lot like Sex. Going over the finishline at the same time is always intense and nobody really knows who is first. Maybe tell her that you are not doing one design racing and you are second in calculated time.
  6. Just rememberd to this. Was a present from some non sailors for me. Has some interesting concepts. The two front sails are placed so close together so that some Hypersonic edge streams can develop inbetween. And on the other side we can see some new interesting sheeting. Using the foresheet straight as a shroud is genius. If a gust comes you will have almost instant more rig pressure. Truely a scale model of a next gen racer.
  7. The thing that is the strangest to me is that the boat goes for 75k. Get yourself a good used boat for that money. You can get alot for this money even a 60ft racer (without a scow bow)
  8. There is only one real scow. And thats the A Scow. Would be a pleasure to Ride one once.
  9. Very interesting boat but not that big of a revolution only new thing is the scow hull and the more space that results by that. Kinda reminds me of the idea that the Bente 24 and Seascape 24 had, just with less racing in mind and more cruising. Still would like to see these 3 boats compete each other. Bente 24 Can someone tell me whats up with the 24ft boat size? Bente 24, Melges 24, Seascape 24, Revolution 24, heared a lot about 24ft boats lately.
  10. I think snaggletooth has seen the light and has transcended to a higher form. It is simply our own brain beeing to incompetent to comprehend his enlightenment
  11. EbbAndFlow


    Dont think this exists. Just pull on until it feels good
  12. Its bad when some illustrator has no idea how a sailingboat really looks but its even worse when the yacht designer dosnt.
  13. Had to sail Melges 24 lately with an Dyneema forestay. Over 3 Days it got longer and longer. I know another Melges 24 team where the Helm wasnt the lightest man, to go through gybes they had to open the main sheet so he would fit underneath.
  14. At our local lake we have 7 Melges 24. One was so off. The foreestay was way to long. Boat looked like a Lowrider. By that the boom was way lower aswell
  15. Pfeiffer Marine cutting down one of the big Kings to get themselfes one?? My money is 70% Pfeiffer 30% Antal
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