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  1. Thanks for the videos. Told me everything I need to know about the Illusion.
  2. You only live once. One from column A and two from column B.
  3. Comments on the Illusion 12: There's one for sale nearby: https://nmi.craigslist.org/boa/d/south-boardman-illusion-12-sailboat/7255332905.htm
  4. Yes, an abomination. It didn't last long, nor did the heavy 1" thick backing wood. But Albacores of that era came with mid-boom sheeting and a traveller, so gybing was not a problem. It took a couple of years before I replaced the mid- boom sheeting with a split-tail. I removed the traveler, which is now in a box in the basement with my 8-track tapes.
  5. My Albacore, which I bought used about 20 years ago, came with a motor mount: I never used it, and removed it before very long. Eventually I traded it to a Mutineer owner for a six pack of beer. I have to say I've thought about fitting an electric trolling motor. My club is on a chain of lakes - about a dozen or so - but it's not possible to sail to the others and I've long thought about a small motor so I could get there to sail those other lakes. I've visited them all in my kayak, but it's not worth it to paddle the sailboat to any of them. Probably never happen,
  6. Well, I don't really have that much experience with beach launching in waves, but it's the kind of thing where you tend to learn fast. Or else. At our small inland lake I've always just pushed the boat into the water stern-first, tied it to the dock, and proceeded to lower the centerboard, attach the rudder, and raise the sails. That doesn't work in waves. My approach is to point the boat into the wind while still on the dolly, get everything ready, raise the sails, pull the boat into the water bow-first while keeping it pointed into the wind, get it off the dolly once it's floating, s
  7. And when I tack I have to move the jerry cans to the opposite side of the boat? Doesn't sound very practical.
  8. I'm not interested in changing the Albacore. Pretty much perfect as is, although I've thought about adding an asymmetrical kite, not that that helps with my stated issue. Water ballast? The alb is a traditional dinghy where the cockpit is not self-balilng. I've sailed it with water ballast after every capsize. (c:
  9. Not sure what a Pinder 16 is, but the list is missing the boat I asked about in the opening post: Precision 15, keel version
  10. I've been doing that in the early season when the water is still cold. It solves the problem of launching in waves, but doesn't solve the problem of being overpowered. If I go with a single-handed something (RS100, Megabyte, Rocket, etc) I'll probably do that with the Alb. Unless I also get a keelboat, in which case the Alb goes back on the beach. I'm thinking this is probably the end result after a few years or so - three boats, assuming that's enough for me....
  11. Rondar's website claims that they build the K1 for Vandercraft. http://www.rondarboats.com/raceboats/more/index.html
  12. Looks like this would be a good candidate. Are there any K1s on this side of the pond?
  13. Well, it looks like a Sunfish from a distance. I would imagine it would be a lot of fun to blow by other Sunfish in this boat and watch the expressions of their faces.
  14. So this is basically an updated Sunfish. http://www.fulcrumspeedworks.com/UFO/rocket/ Looks like they fixed the atrocious rudder that makes the Sunfish sail like crap, so maybe... There's a dealer near me, so I'll be sure to give it a test drive come spring. My wife loves the Sunfish, and I've been thinking about buying one for her to sail. I can't say I like the Sunfish, but I'd give this a try.
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