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  1. > Prop 13 Worth looking at the map: http://www.taxfairnessproject.org Granted these are *property* which are a bit different from land value taxes but still worth thinking about.
  2. "I'd pass the tax onto my tenants" this is the topic of the next post in the series https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/does-georgism-work-part-2-can-landlords tldr if landlords could charge more rent and still win tenants they'd do it right now
  3. Couldn't think of a less relevant forum than people who live at sea but hey what the hell. This is very interesting https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/does-georgism-work-is-land-really
  4. If you go for the S2 you get a very active Facebook group of enthusiasts to help you debug any issue you run into. I have an 8.0b and like it.
  5. Replace with standard type would be nice. But there are 6 wires? Surely I only need two.
  6. Found a Raymarine ST1000+ autopilot in the boat I recently purchased. One strand of cord is busted right near the plug and it might be tricky to solder How to fix? That weird 6 prong connector isn't something I see for sale.
  7. You can "drift launch" a kite off a boat. Some famous spots like Lake Garda in Italy I think this is the only way to go. Inflatable kites like the one in the video are easy to launch from the water, the hard part is unwinding the lines in a tight space without making a mistake. Surely the wind has to be nuking for this to work. I weigh 170 and my 9m kite isn't very fun until the wind approaches 20kts. I can't imagine that it'll pull a boat that size.
  8. I am very new to sailing. I know how to kiteboard and windsurf and sail sunfish and lasers but big boats with interiors were a complete mystery as of a month ago. I opted to just buy one and figure it out instead of chartering. I am happy about it. Sailing moves a lot slower than I expected and I don't think I'd really get much use out of a charter. But because there are a ton of little improvements and maintenances you need to futz with on a boat you own it's a lot more fun going out and testing vs. having a clean boat that you know is going to work. You probably don't want a true b
  9. The guys who localize surf spots are some of the worst people you'll ever know. They'd have surely joined isis if they were born in that part of the world.
  10. Wahhahaha I'm an idiot! That hose doesn't drain out the boat it goes into the refrigerator! So when I tested the pump last night I filled the fridge with bilge water. Luckily the fridge hasn't worked in years so it was an easy cleanup and now there's some baking soda in the bilge. I was suspicious but it disappeared under the battery right near a thru hull. Should have checked it more carefully... Anyway. I found the *right* thru hull to attach a new hose and now things are working (modulo manual pump mode and the pump tipping over)
  11. Cut the rest of the hole today. Just big enough to fit the pump in. I'm sure that nothing structurally important was damaged. With the enlarged hole I was able to get a better look. That drainage on the starboard side (where the refrigerator is) inspired confidence that this is the right place. I'm pretty sure I wired the pump correctly but "manual" doesn't work. The automatic setting works well: Threw it down there. It pumped some water then fell over and stopped. Need to figure out something for that.
  12. Interesting. Maybe something like this would be easy https://lifeempirically.com/2018/03/12/build-your-own-diy-arid-bilge-or-dry-bilge-system/
  13. Sure one of those would be nice. I just don't know where to drill.
  14. Found this https://www.practical-sailor.com/sailboat-reviews/s2-8-5-meter Notable quote: "Unfortunately there is no access to the bilge in the main cabin. None. This is inexcusable, and could be dangerous. A few hours with a saber saw should solve this rather basic problem" My boat is an 8.0 and that's about the 8.5 but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the cavern I've been poking at has no access. Though I do wonder where the original bilge pump is.
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