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  1. Thank you moody frog, great feed back. Not planning on using the boat as a family boat my aspirations are for shorthanded and Solo Bluewater work. Here is the odd thing, as I’ve never purchased a boat from a broker my previous boats have all been private sales, I am being told by the broker that prior to turning the motor over raising the sales to see the current state of condition they are asking that I put my offer in and a deposit? How do I evaluate the value or what I think she is worth without seeing these things my head is telling me to run, My hart is the problem? I am not a big fan mo
  2. Thank you very much appreciate the feedback, The one I’m looking at appears to be very nicely over built, I am most concerned with how high they point and how well they stand up in a blow? Her steep entry swept back Keel protected Rudder and low freeboard I find very appealing. She looks like water moving through the water? Not sure how else to explain it.
  3. Thoughts on Wauquiez CHANCE 37 Can’t find much info? Any input would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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