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  1. Got it. My other rationale to get the club to buy was to give our adult LTS students a chance to learn single-handed without getting overwhelmed. They do Pacers/Herons once a week for a couple hours, but otherwise there's no room for advancement. Kids are on the water 2 or 3 times more often than the adults (on Open skiffs) and are more adept to sailing solo when it's time to move up. Not to mention they're used to capsizing every 5 minutes.
  2. Yeah, but scurrying around constantly to keep oneself upright isn't exactly fun... a Laser is a racing boat, not a cruiser to have fun on. Not to mention I weigh only about 60 kg, even a 4.7 would be a lot of work.
  3. I mentioned that in case as a reason to buy the used one (e.g., if others buy new, it won't be an anomaly). Sorry to confuse.
  4. I should also mention that I sent an email to Laser Itnl to suss out any possibility of Sunfish arriving south of the equator. They wrote back and said they're looking into establishing a dealer or distributor here for Lasers in the next year (apparently there isn't one right now) and would consider offering Sunfish since you can cram more in a shipping container than Lasers. @Alan Crawford, my budget doesn't suit the Rocket, unfortunatley.
  5. The Sunfish is a 1986 version and inexpensive (would sell for the same price in the U.S.). The rudder/centerboard (or "centreboard" as it's spelled here ) and spars appear to be in good condition, but I can't tell myself from just pics. Trying to find someone who could inspect it for me, but it's proving difficult ATM. Most inspection companies specialize in motorized watercraft and don't want to waste their time on a sailing dinghy.
  6. Yeah, not so into racing. I've done almost two decades of another time/money sucking competitive sport - one is enough for now. :)
  7. Hi all- I learned how to sail on Lake George many years ago on a Sunfish and have fond memories of it being easy to rig and sail. I now live in Australia (Queensland) and have gotten into sailing with the local club by taking lessons in Pacers/Herons and crewing during races. I'd love to go into single-handed sailing, but the boat du jour at our club is a Laser. We really don't have anything in-between: the kids learn on O'Pen Bics and then are expected to go into LaserLand if they want go solo. I would love it if the club had an in-between boat that's similar to a Laser but doe
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