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  1. SJ061

    J22 A3

    Masthead Next year!! : )
  2. Cost me under 2K and I've had the boat for over 20 years so the old girl don't owe me a dime... So keep hatin!!
  3. SJ061

    J22 A3

    176 in our neck of the woods
  4. SJ061

    J22 A3

    Our start time equates to about a 130
  5. No Roller furling but an A3 on a sprit. For the hater's.. about 48k cheaper the a J70! Of course it's removable for 1D
  6. SJ061

    J22 A3

    Added an A3 for Sunday pursuit races. Of course everything is removable for 1D. Certainly woke up the old girl!https://photos.app.goo.gl/1cfX3Sug8Wgsu6rk9
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