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  1. Make space big enough to fit a range of them. Install as above. Replace as needed with no parts stress anywhere there's a Walmart. I don't have a good place to install, or enough space for enough extra solar. Power efficiency and install location are the reasons I won't go that route. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Whirlpool-3-1-cu-ft-Mini-Fridge-in-Stainless-Steel-with-Dual-Door-True-Freezer-WHR31TS4E/313862801?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-205429697-_-313862801-_-N& If you can fit one of these, having an actual separate fridge and freezer means a lot less ice buildup. At 178$ lots l
  2. Sorry about the bad pictures, my phone is being an arsehole and massively underexposing for some reason, it's like the lens isn't adjusting for light amounts anymore, had to do a long exposure. Dimensions are 55"x23"
  3. Annoyingly few advertise what PPM they trigger at, some trigger very low, like 25PPM, others trigger at a higher PPM. You can guesstimate your CO level based on how long since the CO leaking appliance was turned on: If the Alarm is exposed to 400 ppm of CO, IT MUST ALARM BETWEEN 4 and 15 MINUTES If the Alarm is exposed to 150 ppm of CO, IT MUST ALARM BETWEEN 10 and 50 MINUTES. If the Alarm is exposed to 70 ppm of CO, IT MUST ALARM BETWEEN 60 and 240 MINUTES. Note* Approximately 10% COHb exposure at levels of 10% to 95% Relative Humidity (RH). The unit is d
  4. @dylan winter How about a solar powered tug boat? Funny songs too. "Sailing out upon the lake almost swamped by big boat wake, rich people trying to flex, but their boats can't self direct. As he passed the nice big yachts, the bikini babes were looking hot, he started to feel like a dork, his confidence did waver. Then again those big boat owners did risk suffering from foreclosure"
  5. I see, any recommendations? I've got a copy of the NOAA ones, digging around to find a variety of source material. Not opposed to paying for good charts, just annoyed at the tiny regions, complicated selections of options with varying features, I love variety normally but this is just giving me a bloody headache. Navionics: 2 versions available in Navionics charts regular, plus they also now make the Garmin charts, and the damn things aren't compatible with one another, then the Garminversion have two sub versions available, C-MAP 4 versions, have to buy two versions to be compatible
  6. As I understand it that comment was part of what led to the change. I wasn't about to post much from their site since it's paywalled and I already got shit for creating repositories of freely available online stuff. However this was in fact the section of the adventure 40 design project as written by John that led to this thread. I'll hide the post if it's an issue. "Having said that, and given the amount of space we have, I think that the best thing to do is scrap the chart table and replace it with a separate shower stall that can also be used as a wet weather gear locker at sea.
  7. That comes down to insulation, higher energy star rating = more insulation. In terms of heat to the air from the fridge itself, all things being equal you'll add about the same amount. The inverter will of course add more heat but it's a trade off. It's really not a big deal, cleats in front of the feet, space at the back, couple more cleats on the side, and a piece of plywood with vents across the top that matches the cabinets. I've gone with much less than 10" on top but RTFM then decide. Could get fancy and build more of a surround and more vents but this allows for easy swap
  8. That makes sense, in my case especially because the head is located aft, just as in the AAC discussion about the Adventure 40 design, one of the only things I can find fault with in the design of my boat is that there is a very small hanging locker by the companionway, however it has 3 things I dislike. I'm actually going to try sitting in reverse, sit on the table feet on the seat to see how that would work in my case. 1. It is open at the bottom to drain to the bilge. That's all well and good but my goal is a dry as possible bilge. Draining wet salty gear and then hoping the water
  9. Marine ones usually have better venting either integral or designed for a cabinet that is closed at the front. The dorm ones often simply vent with air coming in under the feet and out over the top. Easily replicated with short wood cleats screwed in front of the feet, and a flat plywood panel along the top with a vent or two added. Compares how? in power consumption? Not well compared to 12v with the inverter off, the losses on a 2kw inverter are not so good if you're aiming for low power. For powerboats it was a relative non-issue. At keeping things cold? Not so good eith
  10. That makes perfect sense, thank you! I've unfolded paper charts out of curiosity at the nav station, then ended up at the salon table instead. The irony when one of the main reasons I got the boat was because of the nav station is not lost on me. Thinking about it, I suppose the issue is one of size, if the back of the seat was 2" farther back it would be much more comfortable, I am still torn because sitting at a proper desk, especially an angled one with a keyboard beats a laptop any day. But then I couldn't close the door sitting on the toilet. I'll have another think about it.
  11. Power usage not so good, insulation is crap. Will I do it on my boat? Probably no. The smallest fridge with seperate freezer and latching doors one guy had me put in is tempting, running the inverter 24/7 is not. I can give up vertical space more easily than horizontal but it still means no sleeping on the port settee. I have installed quite a few in powerboats, and seen many more, they don't spend a long time heeled over but they pound the crap out of them. Seem to last about a year before they get noisy, then 2-3 more years before something fails, surprisingly seems to be hinges befor
  12. I really should, and will get a copy of the drawings from when she was built. The saloon table in my case is so well built and fits so well with the shape of the settee, I'm definitely not giving that up. It seats 6, or 4 for dinner if you open both sides up. Also storage for my fire blanket up under the bottom, and everything condiment related, soda maker etc in the middle with room to spare. Control panel is being redone, it's a mess. Either a nice new bit of ABS textured plastic with everything at the chart table, or location TBD as of yet.
  13. The point was from someone who I suspect knows a heck of a lot more about the activity than I do, and the discussion as to why the change made logical sense to me. Ironic since one of the main reasons I loved the interior was a hatred of boats with no decent desk to work at. I will likely have powered ventilation, if I go this route. I don't take long showers either. This is less for me and myself, more for me and a guest, which will hopefully be a thing at some point, and for the practicalities John mentions on Morgans cloud. Wet storage is something I've been scra
  14. The other alternative might be to go with the tech that FKT is using with the older Toughpad tablet for 175$ish. Same tech that's in my (heavy) CF-19(MK5-Mk9s) with touchscreen and SSD. There are many guides out there for switching from Windows to Linux on the tough books as well, including keeping touch screen functionality in tablet mode. I priced out a Mesa tablet the other day because I am on the hunt for a lighter option than the tough book if one is available reasonably. I could buy 5 of my tough books for the price of one Mesa that I saw. Transflective screen(claimed
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