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  1. Someone with northward of 1800 posts should recognise a sock... I have a few more than 3 posts worth of experience, but I don't claim to dictate "how things go here". After reading your first sentence I was ready to formulate a blunt response... however the rest of your post was surprisingly coherent and courteous. I'm not, and I strongly doubt anyone here, is a shill for Hans, and he didn't start this thread, and I'd guess that most here know roughly how internet revenue works, even in this anarchic corner - "if you're not paying for the product, you are the product". From everythi
  2. What're you on about? The last finisher was Solveig, the classic Halvorsen - and there were a couple of finishers between her and Bowline.
  3. So you're accusing people here who are interested in a new design of being shills? You're either paranoid or don't know the meaning of shill. Why don't you pop on over to the Beneteau First 36 thread and start calling people dude and shill.
  4. That's one way to further impede those pesky 2handers.
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