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  1. Thanks, I just took a look at some specs of the Columbia32 I it does seem like an awesome boat def a better choice but I think they might be out of our price range for now.
  2. Thanks for the info. The B25 seem a fair bit slower. I have seen H33 finishing times as 11 to 12 days if not mistaken.
  3. Any input in the B25? How do they compare to say a Hobie 33 for some offshore racing? I'm looking to buy something and currently looking at a Hobie and a B25. B25 is much closer to home. I am looking for something that has a retractable keel and easy to trailer. Any one know of a good sport boat been sold especially in the east coast. Would love a flying Tiger or something like that.
  4. To everyone! I was trying to get an abandon boat a second life. I am looking to buy something like that but I can not take on a project like that I was hoping find it a good home. But at last the owner decided that he rather let it rot in his back yard.
  5. I have a Hobie 33 for sale super cheap. Its in south Florida. Its a great project for someone looking for a blank slate. Its basically a hull, deck hardware, rudder lifting keel with its lifting mechanism, mast and boom. Need to get rid of it soon. Please contact for details. Das
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