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  1. Yes it appears that I used the wrong database and this was built in France. Thanks
  2. Hi Looking at J120 built in 2003 and hull Id starts with JFC. Doing a web search it appears that the builder appears to be J-Crafts. It also shows the country of origin as France. Not sure who this builder is and how many J120 they built. All I can find out is that they appear to have built kayaks and such in Plum Branch SC. Not sure if this information is correct or not. Does anyone know anything about this builder? Thanks in Advance
  3. Yes it sounds like the Tenn-Tom would be the better route. Both should be dredge to 9 feet or more. There is talk that even a barge drawing 8 feet will get stuck in places. Just not interested in bouncing off the bottom for 1000 miles or so.
  4. Currently at our Condo in Mexico. We are used to Mexican summers by the Ocean 95 degrees + with 95% humidity. You do have to get used to it but once you do it is livable.
  5. thinking about May to June but later is not a problem. Thanks for the information
  6. Looking at a boat in Chicago that has a 8.5 foot keel. I know I would have to take the mast down to motor to New Orleans but would the keel be a problem going down the inland water ways? I have seen a couple of website and they imply 5 feet max for the keel but need to know if a larger boat can do it.
  7. Yes Survey was done I have not seen it but has advised that there is some de lamination of some areas along with many other small things. Again did not see the survey but it sounded like it could be major problems and no way of telling without a lot of work.
  8. Looked at the boat it shows a lot of wear and tear. Not sure if you did the survey or not but seems that there are some problem areas with the boat.
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