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  1. Hi Bull City, some time ago I written a simple power / range calculator for boats with EP. It is pretty accurate, judging by users feedback. May be it will be helpful for you. Your boat params to do calculation is set at link already: https://files.dnevki.net/power_calculator.php?lwl=6.5&weight=1500&battery=6&speed_units=kn If I understand correctly you have 6 kWh battery installed?
  2. I want to use ePropulsion POD at salt water. Hope it will work well without corrosion
  3. Yes, I building a boat by this project http://amariner.net/sailing_yacht_design_Tempro_30.html 33 ft LOA, 3500 kg total displacement. Will install ePropulasion 6 kW POD, 48v 600Ah LiFePO4 battery, 800W solar. I already own a smaller EP sailboat for 5 years, with electric motor based on Toyota Prius hybrid and 60v 230Ah LiNMC battery. Made many wonderful trips, very like EP. Also, I made multiple ground-based electric projects and converted 3 other boats to EP. So far I like ePropulsion. Hope your boat EP will work well )
  4. Pod 3.0 Evo Folding Propeller appeared at ePropulsion website https://www.epropulsion.com/product-page/pod-3-0-evo-folding-propeller/ Sorry, if you already know this )
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