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  1. The most famous ground effects aircraft of all. Flight starts about 2:20.
  2. You know you are in Seattle / Washington state if your Department of Transportation allows this to happen: Turning up the volume is rewarding. Back story: I'm sure the DOTs safety budget was spent on better things - like enabling helmetless scooter riders to terrorize the city. What's this have to do with sailing?- well there was likely a rumor of a sunny patch and they are all headed to the marina, of course.
  3. Out of the salad bowl, into the sea. The loss of the boat must cost some insurance company some big lettuce
  4. A real electrical engineer would have pulled the facia plate off, yanked out the press-in telephone wire gauge-like 220V copper conductors, and poked them in the holes in the USA electrical point that have no purpose. Now those holes have a purpose.
  5. I propose 7 November be a memorial to "Victims of DeSantis Day" in the other 49.
  6. Is this the thread about the sailboat hit by a giant dollop of Roquefort dressing?
  7. They have a new ship coming for the Trans-Atlantic service. The old girl will then be used inter-coastal in Europe. The company has this time designed a ship twice as long in collaboration with the naval architecture firm L2Onaval. The newbuild will feature a length of 52 meters and a beam of 10.7 meters. The overall budget for the build is kept confidential but will remain below the €10 million mark, according to Grain de Sail. Grain de Sail has selected two firms to build its next wind-propelled freighter — Piriou will manufacture the hull at its shipyard in Ho Chi Minh City,
  8. If someone could figure out how to make a good sailboat out of popcorn, perhaps I could afford to buy a new one.
  9. I assume after control returned, they sailed back to their slip and it all buffed out? S2's must be strong boats!
  10. Plucked out by the plucky U.S. Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment rescue team.
  11. Courtesy KATU: ASTORIA, Ore. — Coast Guard crews rescued a man who had to jump off his disabled sailboat into the rough coastal waters near Astoria, Oregon, on Thursday afternoon. The U.S. Coast Guard – Pacific Northwest said the man’s 26-foot sailboat ended up disabled off the coast near Fort Stevens State Park. A USCG boat crew from Station Cape Disappointment rescued the man and took him to waiting emergency personnel for an evaluation. The sailboat later washed ashore in the state park, officials said. I hope there is footage of him boarding/hauled abo
  12. More fuel for the pyre: https://gilwellbear.wordpress.com/2021/04/22/lithium-chemistry-batteries-on-boats/ Lithium Chemistry Batteries on Boats 1 Reply Initial Post: April 22, 2021 Topics on “Lithium Ion Batteries” fill textbooks, but I know there is great interest in the boating community. This article is intended as a “brief” survey of the possibilities and challenges associated with Lithium chemistry batteries. My focus throughout is on “electrical system reliability.” The length of this article grew very quickly, so I’ve limited my content to areas t
  13. Early in the Boeing 787 program, Lithium batteries burned down the facility of the power system supplier where they were being tested during system qualification testing. The only reason Lithium batteries were allowed back on the 787 was that they were placed in a Chernobyl-like containment sarcophagus that vents out of the pressure fuselage if there is an "event" in flight. They are lighter, though. But at a price.
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