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  1. Nice looking boat, but the displacment can't be right....
  2. As you are on the Sunshine Coast, and travelling interstate, (and getting back home), is a shitfight at the moment, have you had a look at this Lidgard 26, ad says its in Mooloolaba.. https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/trailer-boats/lidgard-26-refurbished-2018/259750
  3. If this sail has come off your Davidson 3/4 tonner, I think it is probably a Royal Geelong Yacht Club number, give them a call, they should have a registry of sail numbers.
  4. P.B. to your breathing "oddness", have you tried any of the Wim Hof breathing exercises? Maybe worth having a look at, I don't think you need to do the extreme cold stuff.... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wim+hof+breathing+tutorial
  5. Well those young guys on Moving Violation are showing they have big brass balls!! Over 170n.m. from land in an Elliot 7.9, probably a world record for that class of boat. I'm guessing their plan is to be first boat into a smoking northerly and I hope it works for them, and that they have a mast head symmetrical chute that they can go pole back with and have a brilliant ride down the track.
  6. I have been following this topic for a while now, and I'm amazed at the angst towards nuclear. If you are a supporter of geothermal or solar power you are also a supporter of nuclear power, but maybe didn't realise it. Huge strides are being made into nuclear power via Thorium, so here is a primer for those with a spare 59 mins.... Gordon McDowell has a heap of vids on Y.T. regards the good, the bad & the ugly of nuclear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6mhw-CNxaE&t=1255s for some reason the link starts about 20 mins in, go to the start...
  7. Hi MSS, if you are interested in tracking our newest and nearest "constellations"..., here is an interesting link I just came across. Hopefully our skies will be clear enough, cause a 60 satellite chain sounds like a sight.
  8. Here is Shangs contribution re: W.S. spec regs. I see you have got your broom out and deleted your post re telling Frant to look up power loss / ariel position. Above is a post you forgot to clean.. You somehow seem to think rule 3.29.13 (a&b) is important to your argument... By the way, there is no R 3.29.xx in Australian Spec. Regs.. Another classic Jack quote: "Are you on some sort of get dumber by the minute plan? 5 minutes ago you didn't know 3.29.13 existed, then you get enlightened and you still keep banging on about what?? Clearly you still haven't r
  9. What Jack and Shang seem to be using as qualifying evidence per special regs, are from World Sailing. A mistake easily made as the W.S. online front page shows a picture of Alive. The Special Regs as used in the Hobart race are issued by Australian Sailing and contain some noticeable differences from that used by the overseas contributors to this thread. Sydney to Hobart Sailing Instructions: http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/media/3438679/rshyr-si-final.pdf World Sailing Offshore special regs: https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/WorldSailingOffshoreSpecialRegulations20182019
  10. G'day Francis, I always enjoy reading your posts, even the tech ones that go way over my head, you bring an honest, erudite, educational balance to what can be full blown un-hinged threads. Having said that, there are probably many people who dismiss or support Nic as a "bubbly blonde", but are unaware of her C.V. I wonder how many of the contrarians are world champions in there chosen sport... I am posting a link here to Nics C.V. available to anyone who is willing to find it; http://www.nicdouglass.org/biography/ Disclaimer: I have only ever briefly met Nic once, but sh
  11. Launceston to Hobart is cat.3. + liferaft. Category 3 Races: ORCi stability index of 103 or greater, or ISO 12217-2 Design Category or IRC Category A or B, or IRC SSS Base Value of 16 or greater, or SV of 10 or less subject to B.5.1, or RMI of 1.4 or greater.
  12. G'day Lydia, what about an old Farr 1104??
  13. The Illingworth trophy, has been sadly denigrated over the years, and is only a reality for a small percentage of the fleet any given year. At least they didn't win the Tattersalls trophy, a true representation of who were the best sailors that year. I would like to suggest that the 100'ers start 1/2 an hour earlier, have only one rule, Port / Starboard, and go hell for leather at each other in the time it takes to eat 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and maybe a light breakfast, all while pushing buttons to make the fuckers go. (except for bowcrew, they earn their meals!). This will give the ch
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