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  1. I have a few pictures from underneath, not a lot of space. Can you verify that that loos OK or do you think it needs to be replaced. Haven't seen one before.
  2. Has anyone had a leak in the vicinity of the raw water pump on a Volvo Penta MD 2020? Seems like it is leaking around where the raw water intake hose connects to the impeller housing but it is not the hose or connection. Just wondering is there is anywhere else that it could be leaking before I take it off.
  3. Installed new Tuff Luff on new headstay on the ground today. Temperature not great 13 C (55 F) winds gusting to 40 knots but with good crew work and a come along as well as tension on the headstay probably took 30 minutes but total time including preparation 1 hr 15 min. Having it on the ground (well 3 feet off of the ground) I liked being able to compare it to the old headstay and measuring and fitting was much easier. Slots in the foil seem narrow compared to the aluminum one but I suppose they will move a bit. Any other maintenance tips? Thanks for the help and advice.
  4. Thanks ctutmark, the Tuff Luff Classic now comes with an opening pre-feeder
  5. Schaefer recommends the pre-feeder be fixed to the headstay twelve inches below the feeder, in most pictures the pre-feeder appears to be closer to the feeder than that. As well the 42" between the feeder and the deck puts the feeder well above the pulpit on my boat just wondering what peoples experiences have been who have been using these systems.
  6. So what size headsail would you go with? Do you use inhaulers? In some PHRF area you get a credit for a headsail less than 110%. I believe you are still talking about a small genoa that fits on your roller furler. If it is your heavy air headsail it would still be a pretty robust but lightweight 3Dl?
  7. Any thoughts on what sail is better a blade with battens versus a small well built 110% headsail in terms of performance on the race course in 16 knots or stronger.
  8. A number of boats that used to have overlapping headsails have switched to smaller jibs, some with battens, with more draft to enhance performance in lighter air and have done away with overlapping headsails in some cases got a lower rating and seem to be sailing faster upwind. Can anyone share the design features and advantages of these headsails? Pictures would also be helpful. I believe the J 29s are one class that has gone that way.
  9. Yes checking out the opening pre feeders. Seems like the best ones are not readily available. Wichard one pretty tiny and not sure about Schaffer. Signet marine no longer available but looks like it was the best.
  10. Any recommendations on the best available opening pre feeder available on the market today for a 33' racer cruiser using a Tuff Luff system.?
  11. Thanks the Tuff luff is for up to 5/16" and the headstay is 1/4" so that is good. I was going to have the feeder at the same height as my Harken RF feeder so if I change them the luff tape is at the same height, this may be closer to the deck than Tuff Luff recommends, do you see any issue with this? I believe you need to ensure that the bottom of the luff tape is not above the feeder, correct?
  12. Getting ready to install a new Tuff Luff on a new headstay. Just wondering if anyone has done it with the mast down. Understand it may be easier with the mast up but having the old headstay beside the new one would be convenient in measuring and also fitting things without sending someone up the mast.
  13. For the past several years I gave used Awlgrip clear for carbon spinnaker pole. While it looks great when it is newly painted it chip pretty easily. Not particularly concerned about UV since the pole is covered when not in use. Looking for a good clear finish that will stand up. Considering clear epoxy wondering if anyone has tried it and if so how has it stood up?
  14. Yes this is what I meant. Think I've seen others that are just a short vertical stripe perpendicular to the draft stripe.
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