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  1. We moved her on 2/7. Not too long out I wanted a little more speed, went from 1500 to about 2200. Engine ran for about 10 mins then stalled. Temp gauge was in the middle. At first I thought it might be a fuel issue. Stay calm we have TowUS. Waited ten minutes and started back up. The temp gauge then spiked to the high pin but she ran well at 1500. Waited several hours and tried 2200 rpm and she stalled again. After a delay engine (Volvo M17d) started up and we left it for the trip. Our 4-5 hour trip to cover right at 60nm took a total of about 12 1/2 hours. Ran out of bottle tea and salam
  2. The "big move" has been delayed till Monday 2/7/22. we figure leaving around 9 am'ish which would put us on the crest when we swing into the main channel heading for The Brothers (clear to Port, I think), have to look again. Then roll on into Benica the Martinez bridge and then Benicia Bridge. Fingers crossed. Anyone with history on this run, please dive in, looking for all comments.
  3. halvern


    I was told that she is a "Documented Vessel" that's why there aren't the usual Registration numbers on the bow
  4. halvern


    Would someone please tell me where on a 1979 S2 11A I will find the HIN or serial number. I heard "on the transom", where exactly is it. I don't have title papers yet and insurance agent won't write a policy. I just spent about three hours going over every nook and crannie and it is not to be found. i don't want to buy a boat i can't title. HELP PLEASE
  5. Zonker, a special thanks for the manual. We are in the 50's here in NorCal, so this might just be what it takes to stay in bed longer and read. We are getting the "wave" from the volcanic activity in the far Pacific, and the news showed people loading their cars because the flooding (2ft) is going to inundate the whole Bay area and we all are going to die!! Get serious, roll up your pants. Heading over to Berkeley to spend more time on the 11A. Taking small tool kit along with pad of paper, soda, munchies, and garbage bags. Ah the life!
  6. The further north you go into the Delta, the fresher the water. When the tide is coming in you can sip the water and it's salty, but then it will dilute to brackish. Not too bad for bathing as long as you use a bar of Lava. That reminded me of my stint on a carrier back in Nam days, you learn that Lava is the only soap that Lathers in salt water.
  7. PS: If any one is looking for a Columbia 28, I have one. Does this forum have an ad spot?
  8. I have found that once you leave either the Sacramento River or Stockton River channels, you have to have a depth sounder. And Even then you need decent charts. Forward shooting sounders are great but because the sand berms move depending on the tidal flows they show up so fast that you will hit bottom without a lot of notice. The S2 seems fit in all ways as far as the boat. My concern will be loss of power. Eyesailor (thanks again) gave me a link to an Owners Manual for sale on EBAY for the Volvo engine which I ordered and hopefully will arrive soon. AnotherSailor (thanks also) made mention o
  9. Back to civility. I was looking for an Owners Operating and Service Manual for a Volvo Penta MD 17c. I tried Volvo and if it's there I probably went right over it. Not getting desperate yet, I have to be out of the marina by 2/8. I would appreciate an assist. Thanks
  10. That's cold. No doubt you Chair the Welcoming Committee. How do I get A Know IT All Merit Badge so then I'll belong? Hal
  11. I'm getting conflicting feedback, I wanted to know the size of the fuel tank. The boat is in a marina in Berkeley, CA and I need to bring her to my slip In Oakley, CA up on the Delta. I'm figuring about 50 miles. I would think that it shouldn't take a lot of fuel. It has a Volvo Penta 35 hp but I don't know what the engine draws. I saw a marketing piece that said the water from both sinks and the shower drain into a sump and then an automatic pump discharges overboard, where is the sump. I have only been on board once and didn't have a lot of time to search, where is the 30gl holding
  12. I have questions that I hope to get some help with.
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