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  1. Well I'm not into racing... so yes it would be great! But I don't have Facebook! Any link to some photos just to take a hint or a tip to what parts to purchase?
  2. Thank you very much for the info guys! Let me ask you another thing that I want to do with the cat. Its being a pain in the ass when I try to put the sail up to the mast and hook it to the mast hook. Im trying to figure out a way to make it more simple, thinking about putting a pulley? An anchor pulley to the top of the mast and make a halyard which is not present at any A class catamaran as I saw on the internet. Any ideas? Any photos of someone that has done this or something similar would be great!!!
  3. The boat needs those plastic things that lock the rudders when in place and the rubber things that hold the aluminum bar to the rudders as well as the ariba.
  4. Greetings sailors, back to sailing after a long period out of it, my first boat was a nacra 5,7 meters, loved it, missed it, now i just got a user bimare a class, model AJ. I am trying to found anything related about the company for some parts that I'm in need for the boat. Anyone knows anything about them? Are they out of business? If so, where can i find some parta for the boat? TY!
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