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  1. Did the survey/contact contain an option to opt out of future communications, as well contain a statement on privacy, storage, and scope of potential future use of said information? I don’t know what your laws are down there, but I’m wondering if, as a new owner, the transfer of personal user data to a new corporate entity requires notice of and agreement to new terms and conditions?
  2. Anybody had a chance to try these yet? https://grundens.com/shop/footwear/footwear-boat-shoes/seaknit-boat-shoe/
  3. You forgot the appropriately aimed cock and balls. Spurting semen optional.
  4. Ummm… - caught in a backcountry avalanche in the Austrian Alps, - when a handhold broke free solo rock climbing, - that time I got stuck in a big keeper hydraulic while whitewater paddling, blacked out and woke upon a rock, down river, surrounded by rescuers - another fun paddling swim-related one when I got caught in a strong eddy fence and it took a nearby raft to pull me out by the arms, as my face was already under - marrying a red head (oof!) - but the real kicker was leaving a successful career to sink everything I owned into launching a start-up, right bef
  5. …except you got Whitey uh...rowin' the boat there. That’s it, isn’t it? You married the wrong woman…
  6. …add to that that (allegedly) the “average” male human body, with an “average” BMI, has approx. 40,000 extra calories locked away for emergencies - puts your ability to survive at about a month without food, as long as there’s water. Now multiply that amount for obesity. Don’t know if that’s a scientific fact (I’m not scientist, I just play one on tv). Something I read in a wilderness survival book once.
  7. Since this thread has become a total sideways hijack, thought I’d just inject a bit of a Frank Frazetta vibe…
  8. Did yours have a crescent moon or tear drop bubble window in the back? Always a fan of a good KISS graphic…
  9. I like stretchy because I have giant bone spurs on my 1st metatarsals that get rubbed raw by tight shoes.
  10. Add some key lines, drop shadow, and orange/yellow/brown and you have pretty much anything from a tshirt to a customized van graphic in 1972…
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