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  1. I agree, the endplate effect would probably be a bigger lever in terms of lift than the increased sail area.
  2. Hey y'all, Thank you for the responses. I will take a penalty over 155% since I am racing PHRF. I haven't considered a bow watch yet but will think about the bluetooth camera as a solution. If you can see under the sail, that's lost sail area in my mind. Yes @Bull City we have a P26 just like that! Sail #1635.
  3. Hello, We're speccing a new 155% headsail for our Pearson P26. Dimension polyant tri radial laminate material. It's equipped with a twin roller furling system. The question is: is it worth the extra hassle to bypass the furler and tack to the deck, or should we utilize the furler and sacrifice the extra sail area and speed? Thank you! Justin - SV Rhumb Runner P26 #1635
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