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  1. We lit the wood burning fireplace after the races Saturday. Perry Creek is lovely, I anchored just outside last week, friends live just across the cove.
  2. Get some chowder and shellfish from the roving raw bar boat.
  3. Last time we were here was the day after I met you in Boothbay.
  4. We skipped Muscongus for Tenants. Gorgeous day.
  5. Name a couple of favorites in Muscongus. We’re just a few miles away, may drop a hook there tonight.
  6. It cost nothing to anchor out and walk on the beach. The galleries and shops are free unless you buy. The burgers cost the same but the people watching is spectacular. The hardware store on the wharf is fantastic and cheap. The good news is, you've left something to look forward to for next time.
  7. You're moving way too fast. You didn't stop in P-Town?
  8. Alcohol related injury, incurred after the races.
  9. Sorry to hear that, Ish. Hope it knits well.
  10. Ajax, if you're still around I'm resting in Boothbay all day, at the YC. Those other guys put the hurt to me. With the rain and cold, yesterday afternoon we lit the wood burning fireplace and poured rum. Go around the corner to Horseshoe Cove. Or around Cape Rozier to Holbrook for a wonderful anchorage with great hiking.
  11. Boothbay Classics was fun, Elegua's son left last night, fantastic person, steered at lot during the races, I hope he sends his dad pics to post. MGS and SSBob introduced themselves The owners of Chicane (Mylne, 1926), Polly (Nevins, 1945), and Vixen (NYYC 32) were aboard Restive last night for tale spinnin', wine and supper. We're all taking our time getting to Camden for the next series. I'm cruising solo and going to find an empty cove or two along the way.
  12. Sparky is now Serendipity. Owned by a yacht broker for Hinckley. MGS just came by and gave me some nice beers. Lovely guy, young, much smarter than me, I set that bar low but he clears it by miles.
  13. Just check in, but crew need to be listed at the website and do an electronic waiver. I think I got extra party tickets thinking Ajax might join.
  14. I came in late, anchored just outside Marilee. If you want, we can probably get you in the crew tomorrow. I’ve just got 4 now, can likely include party tix.
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