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  1. I hope things improve for you, because you're clearly in a bad place.
  2. Haven't stopped pulling for you, Hobot!
  3. There have been a lot of events in my lifetime where this sort of thinking proved horribly wrong. If your "reliable" investments are in the stock market, what do you do if it crashes? This market scares the hell out of me.
  4. He was a veteran and a sailor, counts for a lot in my book. Fair winds, Prince Phillip. Unless the person was truly, heinously, evil and malevolent, speaking ill of the dead is poor form. I don't believe that Phillip rose to that level. The good news is that nobody really cares what the graceless here think.
  5. The BBY wheels are gorgeous. I'm one of the few BBY customs without one, the wife had me price one. Whew! But they are beautiful.
  6. That would be a nightmare for me. Without this office I'm nothing but Mrs. Loser's bitch. Don't get me wrong, I love her more than life itself, we've been together for 46 years and she's still my dreamgirl, but she could fill my days with honeydo's that would never end. I need the office. She's 63 in this pic. We started dating in college when she was 19.
  7. iStream, I think you're being a little harsh. I read Burns post as an observation, not a whine. I see no need to off on him, unless there is more going on here than meets the eye. I won't get a check, I don't want one. Sending a "stimulus" check to someone like me would be stupid.
  8. At the end of a wet, cold overnight sail, set the anchor, ditch the foulies, pour the rum, light the fire. We have an Espar, as well, plus 2 AC units that can run off shore power.
  9. Why are those bitches not hiking? It says "Star Class" right there!
  10. I had a Hinckley with a Hood in-mast furling system. Worked just fine. The small amounts of water that found the bilge were immaterial to our enjoyment of that lovely boat. The key is not really the general system, i.e. inmast, inboom, keel-stepped, deck-stepped. The engineering and execution of the system is what matters. Good stuff works well, bad stuff doesn't. The aptitude of the operator makes a difference. If you are mechanically inclined you can use your judgement to assess suitability and quality of different systems. In most cases, the reputation of the manufacturer can be
  11. Thanks EC, for bringing blues music to a white audience, and breaking so many barriers along the way. For so many of the blues standards, Key to the Highway, Spoonful, Crossroads, Born Under a Bad Sign, etc., Clapton was the bridge. He and Keith Richards were waaaaay ahead of the curve as evangelists for American roots music. Most importantly, he has always given credit where credit is due. Yeah, incredible guitarist, but few musicians have had so much cultural influence, while offering credit to others.
  12. Last day at Taos yesterday, stellar conditions. Nobody on the mountain.
  13. I didnt grow up doing those thing either. I had a 12' catboat in RI. I had a nice childhood, I guess, until my father blew his brains out and we discovered we were actually poor. I suppose I'm allergic to debt because of that experience. I went to a state school, married my sweetheart, and worked my ass off. We lived in a 1600 sq ft 1 bathroom house for over 20 years, raised 2 kids there, I still buy used cars for myself. We did not have family money. We paid cash for the place in Taos, where I am today, sking with my son and a half dozen guests we have up for the long weekend
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