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  1. You wouldn't say that if you lived in RI. My mom now pays more in yearly property taxes on her home than she originally paid for the home in 1960.
  2. Time clock for punching in and out of vacation. When racing it's for punching on and off watch.
  3. Nice catch. I'll bet you're good on a boat.
  4. The PO of my boat owns, among a few other things, America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Magazine. First things I did were have a proper knife rack installed and throw out the tattered teflon skillets. The best thing on a boat is to always have an emergency bottle of good French champagne. You never know when spare ribs or lobster will enter your life, and champagne is a fine accompaniment for either or both. We have a microwave that can be used when the engine is running, it's very nice for heating things in hot weather when you don't want to run the oven.
  5. Makes sense that the only Lawley S that I sailed on was named Redhead. Musketeer (my favorite) is for sale but needs extensive work to undo a botched cockpit rebuild.
  6. I think you're right about that. The outer boat is Thora, a Ted Hood design. Yes, this was the day before Castine-Camden. Is that Mermaid in the bottom pic?
  7. I love Peapods. I also quite like the paint scheme on this, appropriately named, dink. I think the colors just work together. It rows and tows beautifully.
  8. In which case I apologise, sincerely, to @Ventucky Red, I misread your post, and I am sorry I took it wrong. I owe you a drink sometime. Please carry on screwing with Gouv.
  9. Does it come with a codpiece? And I can easily singlehand or cruise with the wife and no crew. I say that a lot when I see an exotic, beautiful car, or a mansion that is just too f'n big. Sometimes I wish I wanted things, but I just don't. I'm so happy with my entire life right now. We've had our granddaughter in town, she's an inspiration for politicians everywhere. THIS is how you get your foot in your mouth!
  10. I love that boat. I wish I wanted it........
  11. Wow. Bitter much? Is this what PA does to people? I doubt that Gouv and I agree on politics, but have no way of knowing, because I never went there with him. I've had lunch with him a couple of times, and enjoyed it tremendously. He's very funny, engaging, a joy to talk to, and a good deal smarter than most folks you'll ever meet, for my money he's a great guy. I think you're out of line, VR, and I like a lot of your posts. Personal attacks belong in PA, if they belong at all. Wishing ill to someone on Thanksgiving? Oooooh, that's really risking a Karma whiplash.
  12. Is there a virus that targets lawyers and politicians? Us geezers should recognize that in any culling scheme, we're likely to be placed at the front of the queue.
  13. I pulled 4 Harvard guys out of a liferaft once, and they were just like that, entitled prigs. Kept asking why I didn't have a bigger Hinckley, wanted Godivas on their pillows, complained about the melon in the fruit platter. The guy from MIT was no better. (Just kidding, the Harvard guys I rescued were perfect gentlemen)
  14. Sorry for your loss, Ed. I've lost two great friends this year to cancer, one was IB, the other I was holding his hand when he crossed. I won't lie that it hasn't affected me. Then there is my mom, going strong at 92, taking daily walks, cleans her own large home. Does the NYT crossword in ink. No one is promised tomorrow. Live today.
  15. No idea. I just know, in the mid 70's, I had singlehanded my family's boat out to Nantucket for a couple of days, and got invited onto a Stone Horse by a couple of guys with three lovely girls for a smoke. Ended up rowing back to my boat with one of the girls. I've had warm feelings toward that design ever since.
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