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  1. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^. We do 30 nm harbor hopping routinely because we align destination with wind strength and direction. If the sailing is fun we keep sailing. If it doesn't look like a good day to sail, let's go hiking instead. But a good sailboat is the most effective way to turn wind and water into pure fun. If it can't do that, it has no reason to exist. Sailing well to windward is fun. One of the reasons I race is to hone upwind trim and skills.
  2. A few years ago Julien's auction house was selling a bunch of Young's stuff for charity, hundreds of trains, ton's of parts and track. amazing, fantastic stuff. For some bizarre reason he had a left-handed, 1964 Gibson ES-345, cherry red, exactly like Freddie King played, but a rare lefty. I dropped out at $20K. I was an idiot.
  3. Well I didn't like it before but now I want one.
  4. That was stolen a few years ago in Massachusetts. Did he ever get it back? He and his wife are lovely people.
  5. Great post. Best of luck with that stutter. I keep spare breakers aboard.
  6. This ^^^^^^^ For musicians perhaps the Holy Grail is Greenie, the 1959 Les Paul owned by Peter Green, who succeeded Eric Clapton as lead guitarist of Mayall's Bluesbreakers and founder of Fleetwood Mac, then owned by Gary Moore, now by Kirk Hammett of Metallica, who takes it on tour with it's own bodyguard. It's made some iconic music
  7. Gives new meaning to Pizza Delivery
  8. There wasn't one Lucille, there was a series, a dozen at least if not more, mostly ES 355's, the later ones had no "f" holes. Non musicians would be hard pressed to tell any black ES-330,335,345,355 from any of the Lucille's, unless it said Lucille.
  9. If recognizable is the standard, the obvious winner is Billy Gibbons' fur guitar. No second place.
  10. Jimmy Page's #1 '59 Les Paul Hendrix's Olympic White right-handed Woodstock strat
  11. I didn't see Valis's post, sorry. Dave has stories to rival anyone on the planet, but he's a pretty quiet, humble guy.
  12. Wrong. My buddy Dave Hahn has led at least 2 expeditions recreating the Shackleton Crossing. He calls it the most miserable he's ever been, and that's using modern equipment. Of course, he's summited Everest at least 15 times and done the 2 highest altitude rescues in history.
  13. A truly great track, wore that out in my youth.
  14. Cruisin Loser


    A lady all full of surprises Had breasts of two different sizes One was so small it was nothing at all But the other was large and won prizes
  15. I know a few in town, not many. Out of town, a lot of people carry rifles, but we are in a very rural area. Once you leave town headed north of south, there's nothing for 60 miles. ALL of the ranchers carry rifles in the truck. We have a lot of vintage rifles. In our "gun room" there are 2 large safes for rifles, one for handguns, one for ammo. No loaded guns, ever. No ammo kept with guns except for a 9 mil in a case with separate mags in a small safe in our end of the house. I'm much more worried about the unsecured guitars in the house. I've got a couple of Les Pauls that, were t
  16. Some of the lyrics are lifted (with permission) from Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.
  17. Whatever in the world would make you think I would leave the house packing except to go, unloaded with all guns in cases, to the range?
  18. As a law abiding gun owner, once you commit a gun crime you are, by definition, no longer a law abiding gun owner.
  19. That's scary. You would hope the open carry sort would have more self control than to berate an employee.
  20. Looking at your sig you'll be at the Boothbay regatta in July. Be sure to say hi.
  21. http://mysticstainless.com/foldaway.html This is standard on Hinckley sailboats. Superb and expensive. Lasts forever, easy on the feet, designed to have 2 steps underwater. Folds away, as the name implies. You can also just leave it in the lifeline gate, as we did when cruising. This is what we use on Restive. I call it the "elder step" or "geezer step". Not much use for getting out of the water. Climb from the water into the dinghy. From the dinghy to the boat using this.
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