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  1. He was a winner with Courageous in 1974, starting helmsman and main trimmer with Hood after they pulled Bavier. Evens it out a little.
  2. The class of boat is not the issue with a new AC team, it is the overall enormity of putting a team together and all the parts and pieces of managing such an effort. Many teams over the years have had decent boats, speed, etc. but do not have the experience of what it takes to mount a successful challenge. Also many tried radical ideas to gain an edge, going too far out of the box and sailing themselves right out of contention. Again that is an issue of managing every aspect of the challenge.
  3. 13 years now I bring this up on August 22nd. As usual there are plenty that need to read how it all started...scroll up.
  4. Catching-up in the AM here in Florida, as usual Ricko squeals like a school girl every year, with a boat load of pros on-board why does he make every call and looks around everywhere except driving the boat? I would bet WOXI would be a lot faster if he would shut-up and drive the boat, making requests here and there on occasion. You would think IM would punch him in the mouth when he is blowing his ear drum out.
  5. Also the 105 is wider aft which makes it a much better reaching boat. We race against them every week and once you crack the sheet off by a small amount they are gone. Up and down the 35 is still the king of the hill, unless it is light and the higher angles of the 105 keep pace with the 35 on the run. But any race that has a high amount of reaching or slightly off true upwind and the newer boats leave the 35. We see it all the time. I thought the 36 had more IOR influence, beyond just the engine being in the center of the boat and the frac rig, but I have never seen one in person.
  6. I sailed on her back in 2016, they joke that she is a '13' meter, and the class invites her to race when they need an extra boat to fill-out the fleet. edit: Heritage's mast is an old S&S stick.
  7. I have this full raceday on VHS, AIV surfing back and forth across KIII's stern was classic. This vid did not show the best of it, they were only feet apart at times, throwing a ton of water into the air off their bow.
  8. No matter how it gets to Pensacola I'll have to make a trip up there to see one of these freaks. A friend has family up there so hopefully they sail on a weekend. While I do not think they are the best platform for match racing in the AC it is an interesting technology experiment.
  9. So its a Disney trick then?
  10. Central Florida is 250 - 300 feet above sea level yet I have found sharks teeth around the old phosphate mines, how do you explain that? Nobody has, so far...
  11. Check your email, I was able to open it and modified it, not sure if the res is good enough.
  12. I just came back from the TP a couple of weeks ago and my brother and I saw her, still sitting there. Compared to some derelicts she looks like everything was put away and just not scattered around looking like a wreck. On the surface does not look too bad but I'm sure it would take a ton to put back into sailing shape.
  13. Saw it last night, very well done. Tampa Theater is a cool place to watch it.
  14. My understanding is this, a tiller is good inshore on closed courses or short coastal races. On a long offshore race like the Transpac, etc. a wheel is better since the tiller will wear you out. I prefer a tiller but having just sailed the Transpac the wheel was nice to steer with so I understand the logic, 'rowing' the boat for 2,200 miles would have been rough.
  15. Might be one of the reasons the NYYC moved the AC races to Newport. A big reason was all the big guys summering there.
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