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  1. I have not. I can imagine this is where the FLIR would come in handy.
  2. Sionix hands down. Quite literally like seeing 30 min before the sun goes down in pitch black. Hooks up to tablet or an existing garmin B&G display https://www.sionyx.com/ I've used both systems, and the FLIR doesn't hold a candle. You can't see channel markers or anything that doesn't give off a good amount of heat...
  3. All J70's have a carbon rig... Have you ever tried maintaining a team of 3-5 for the years that it takes to properly have a go at a campaign?
  4. Totally agree with you fast. While slow and old, there is no other boat like the star. A decent boat can be had for under 10K, and all fleets will go out of their way to help newbies enter the class. From a fleet perspective, there is NO other class that allows you to be on the same line with the legends of the sport. Easy to film, proper sailboat racing, decently strong class (and working on making it stronger) all over the world. Cons: Lacks the "adrenaline" of the faster classes (to a TV non sailor viewer), it's not a female friendly boat. If we are loo
  5. Thank you for your reply. If the Swan in your area isn't on Yachtworld please forward me the listing! Thanks, Mike

    1. Bowchow


      My apologies, the boat is actually a 46'. Doesn't look anywhere near that big compared to the aerodyne 38 I sail on next door!

  6. FYI, there's a swan 44 at my club in Miami FSBO. No teak decks, clean boat. Not associated with the seller at all, just putting in out there. PM me if would like. Having sailed both, I would feel much more comfortable in the swan offshore than the B40. Higher freeboard, sharper lines, aft cabin is a big plus. Lots of tuning options, with the baby stay, hydraulic backstay, etc.
  7. Just small quality things in regards to how they laid the mat down, how the bulkheads meet the inside of the hull.. Not sure how much it's been messed with outside of the factory, I might be blaming someone else's shortcomings on them.
  8. there's a gfi on the dock, he's good Just painted my Kalik 40 and got a new main. Absolutely love the boat. Don't love the people who built it.
  9. trailer has 3 axles to haul the cash to and from
  10. Purchase agreement should have delivery location in it. Is it the CAN or US location? How much could 2 days of delivery skipper cost... Even the most expensive cannot be more than $500 per day.. The broker is not making a lot of money on this transaction. Take his offer and be happy.
  11. Made it on the front page with the first few posts! Classic Exiting to see what people suggest. - N.pro 8153
  12. Just rented a 1500 silverado from Hertz to take a boat up the east coast.. On Hertz' website it states "if it has a hitch, you can tow" They offer a pretty good AAA disocunt as well..
  13. amazing stuff. Longer version here Merit is currently on the hard at cracker boy. Any ideas what going on?
  14. 3rd on Rick, great guy and takes care of your boat like it's his
  15. less weight aloft with smaller diameter halyards, or allows the mast to move freely downwind
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