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  1. Boogie barge had to go to work , two days off then back at it friday night! Yay to the O30 !! Still killer boats!
  2. Yep the caption and lead statement have absolutely nothing to do with the mast spreader on an IMOCA other then it happens to make a nice outboard sheeting point. Maybe if the photo was the back of the boat it might make more sense.
  3. I noticed a lot more skippers with the noise cancelling headsets in the last Vandee globe , my guess is that climbing helmets were worn inside the boat(s) more often then we may have seen in all the pressers coming off the boats. M2C.
  4. Hey Kenny if its fast its pretty. Also don't pick a fight with LeoV.
  5. I know quite a few folks who worked on this project in the 50's , mostly Marine biologist's and oceanography types. They mostly thought it was a bad idea but they enjoyed the summer trips to the Chukchi . I have a nice little stash of memorabilia associated with this project and the U of W research vessel Brown Bear. The book is called "The Firecracker boys"
  6. Tylaska halyard shackles as they wont bang off when they hit the the spreaders , I have older sparcraft ones retired to the Cruiser still kicking after 40 years.
  7. Pull one in let one out. That boat looks like a O'Day 34?
  8. About that Keel , it's a Transducer/Sonar mount first and does the keel and ballast thing second. That's a lot of Ducers down there! Q: though it's programmed/managed to avoid other boat and ship traffic what lights does it show at night? Tri-color, NUC?
  9. "Beer can racing" is defined by how many ringers and how big a kite you can get ahold of. If its a Yacht Club Weeknight series any club rules might apply.
  10. I did a refit on a Marrowstone masthead hit once, the top of the rig casting cleared by about an inch, the B&G mount was two inches tall.........
  11. Who was responsible for the absolutely awful front page editing? WTF! I read auto-translation french all day but that was so fucking bad I had to read the actual Presser. Get it together people , just because its called anarchy does not mean un-readable. Fuck.
  12. Iv'e owned three of em , my crew still misses them from time to time! Super fun boats and they keep taking them on R2AK as well?!? have fun !
  13. Bump. http://www.6mrnorthamerica.com/stfrancis5.html
  14. Kind of a post script to this thread, I remember Gary coming to a Ranger 33 fleet meeting here in the NW in the early 80's nice guy, very funny loved the class. At the time in the Seattle area we could have 10+ boats out racing all season. Our family's R33 Crystal is Tied up here at the house . Behind her is St Francis V the Six Meter. Its a good looking line up !
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