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  1. So how come you get to have two goes at Mr Jones. You make a complaint to RYCT under its Constitution. Then you also make the complaint under Reg 32. Completely different regimes. Yet the evidence before one becomes evidence before the other. Something very wrong there. Contrast the "Rumble in Rocky" bar fight. The OA start a RRS 69 investigation on the complaint of the OA officer. An investigator and a Panel are appointed to hear it. Investigation begins and statements taken. Then it looks like the outcome might be embarrassing to some people.
  2. Yeah but there evidence in the port starboard not like everything else
  3. Just picked the sail nos I wanted, looked up the AS site, but saw the owner who had the sail number had died and boat no longer racing It is no it like the list gets updated
  4. You are in Qld, just do what you want. No system here NSW YA did run a register but when AS took that over you got the stupid fees. Just ignore them. Just another example of AS cunt conduct.
  5. Clearly the Appeal Panel did not think much of the evidence. I hear Mr Jones has resigned from Australian Sailing Another gain for the sport, not.
  6. Rather embarrassing 210916DecisionofIndependentAppealsPanelMJvROC-[27582].pdf (sailing.org)
  7. AS will have considered a change by lets see 2050
  8. In other words “fake news” aimed at distracting from the real dishonesty.
  9. And special thanks to the special people that made all of this possible!
  10. You must have listened in Sunday School
  11. Tasmania is likely to get a community outbreak in the north so this will change the equation as imperative of keeping delta out of the state disappears.
  12. Thanks to GRS and his mates, clubs do not have to give any reasons when rejecting a competitor from entering or participating. Even completely unsubstantiated and untested and undetermined suspicion of misconduct is sufficient to prohibit participation and without any requirement to give reasons. Guess Mr Hipgrave will doing the Melbourne Hobart.
  13. Looks like there is a new front opening as well. Last time AS entered local club politics , it ended up with the RQYS v. Oceans and Fusion decisions. Not good for AS or the sport as it gave away control of a big part of the sport to the clubs. I am not seeing Mark Hipgrave's entry (Mister Lucky) in the Hobart yet. Inquiring minds might know more.
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