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  1. Only just starting, International Class association gave Australian Association and Pacesetter two months to produce a new plug from Mould 11 to be scanned. If not conform then Australian Class Association has to biuld a new mould. The fate of the 25 Mould 11 boats remains unanswered.
  2. Which ones, but more importantly, how many times can you sail pin the 365 days. However as discussed above the real problem is clubs charging members a from other clubs.
  3. Better prepared, you mean turned up with boats which now longer have measurement certificates! Pity someone else have a different view "To date, 25 boats have been built from M11, and have been shown using laser scan technology to be significantly different in shape than Etchells Class Yachts. Specifically they have a longer water line, less rocker, a higher degree of bilateral symmetry, and more buoyancy in the ends. WS has already established that M11 was never validated or registered by WS." In any event, only 4 weeks until there is an answer.
  4. Well, take the amount off the entry fee. Just another example of AS being a "club focussed organisation which really means "we will fuck individual sailors every chance we get"
  5. That is not cheap as you say. Regatta cost just increased for say a Sydney 38, AUD $900.00 on top on entry fees. If you want to go down this road why have club membership fees.
  6. And there is the problem. Sailpass is not free everywhere for members of other affiliated clubs. The implimentation has been dishonest from day one.
  7. What do mean members, thought it was down to three now If you can’t vote you are not a member
  8. Can't wait for my RRS 69 hearing for being a person in charge of my own boat when I take a non member (read someone new to the sport) racing in the beer can race one evening. I am the person in charge and have intentionally ignored RRS 46 and 75. GRS, I will let you know the first time I intend to break the Rule. Most likely at a Tuesday night twilight at the Huon Yacht Club.
  9. Yeah, had to leave the Far South for a bit. In my part of the world when you say “I am going up town” for the newbies that means Hobart but for the rest of us that means Huonville. Actually stuck in Qld with the lockdown so JB is getting the little boat sorted. First anti foul since re- launching coming up over 2 1/2 years Advantage of the Kermandie river - salt part of the year and fresh part of the year. The power boat got out to 5 years.
  10. Yep, you cannot believe otherwise intelligent people could create such a cluster fuck. at what point did someone say in Australia, we have a problem. then again in Australia, there will be 25 boat fleet sailed by white guys over 60 and everyone else will be sailing a VX-One and the like.
  11. There is very recent mould 11 scan, I think you will find. The scan that concluded the mould 11 boats were longer flatter and fuller in the ends and narrow in the centre. That is longer straighter waterlines. Never be faster in a breeze.
  12. No doubt both the International Class Association and the Australian Class Associations have been at fault here. But you can't put the toothpaste back in tube on this one.
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