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  1. Stakes are quite here for the AST and the extent that they are simply an instrument of political retribution. Can’t wait
  2. National Sports Tribunal panel. Now if Australian Sailing can just find a signed Complaint from the 4 people. Or rather the signed complaint is not the one referred by AS to the NST as that was been "negotiated" by AS with a complainant after the fact. And it not like Mr Hipgrave was made aware of the original complaint until after the NST complaint was negotiated and the NST Tribunal appointed.
  3. The funniest thing in the cartoon is the Australian Sailing bathtub leaking! The cartoonist clearly knew something, or someone at AS.
  4. Well, all public now! Guess, the CYCA board did not endorse the complaint otherwise there all would have signed up. GRS, you get to be CEO if you play your cards right here. Seems the "Hiprave Papers" have made the public domain now or least a journalist at "The Age".
  5. McCroc, you can't really call them henchmen, that is not fair to them, given that there are allegedly 3 of them on the complaint to Australian Sailing. Something about Member Protection Policy and getting bullied by Mr Hipgrave, so a life ban should follow. Maybe GRS can get the CEO of Australian Sailing to post the Complaint on the front page for us all to read but that might be defamatory of Mr Hipgrave.
  6. If it is like the Australian Sonata 8 (Mull 26) with the internal ballast and board, seaworthy as all get out in the ocean (like proper ocean). Go upwind in plenty in the ocean real fine. Transpac no worries.
  7. Just made the front page of “the Australian”
  8. The lady who owns the boat is leaving the sport in disgust. And as she has been treated worse in the mongrel dog, who can blame her.
  9. I did know you worked for AS! Clearly you have read the “Hipgrave Papers”
  10. It is terrible that the 4 directors of the CYCA got bullied. Lucky there is the AS Membership Protection Policy to rely on.
  11. Let's not forget the other complainants.
  12. But not to the end. And in a long list of AS board failures this one is the most offensive to me. In the meantime, and in the best traditions, lets just call it the “Hipgrave Papers”
  13. So how is red diesel got anything to do with WS.
  14. Yes some WS rules are used but the IECA conducts the regatta independently of any affiliated OA. Hence you usually have to get separate insurance for the regatta on the words of most policies
  15. Etchells seem to be able there own Worlds which are not a WS event. Read the NoR carefully. Hence no on water judging etc
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