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  1. Mura 31, out of South Africa
  2. If there is problem in the pic it is that the water is too rough to do the freeboards. and maybe the boat is not cocked to the wind.
  3. Class 40 at the CYCA in December
  4. New owner posts regularly on www.seabreeze.com.au as Bundeenabouy Former owner is a ship master who also owned Defiance
  5. Great pic! Sums up so much.
  6. Here is start for base (may depend on boat type) Rake: 1080 (46.5 in) Mast Base: 5325 (209 in) from transom edge Caps: 18 Lowers: 12
  7. You mean instead of dishonest pieces of shit.
  8. Pretty easy now. With the new course area, mixed 470 24 hours in mobile range alongside a coast with rescue assets and corners every 4 hours to keep you awake Meets all the criteria.
  9. He is talking about about an Etchell, not a similar boat 31 feet for long
  10. Yep, did you have your AIS on!!!!!!
  11. Couta, that is because you have not sailed in Qld recently. The AS system of dispute resolution is so broken. Wait to you get to Appeals level. Straight out dishonesty and corruption.
  12. And if anyone needs anymore evidence that Australian Sailing is a failed organisation!
  13. Jas You up to date yet? Maybe ring your Commodore and ask for an update. Being a few early morning meetings of the directors of the New Beach Road Barbacue club last week I hear.
  14. Only one this week! Might be some positions advertised on SEEK soon though
  15. Which type, the legal one or the other ones. I suppose the 25 mould 11 boats could be donated to the IOC so as only race between themselves every 4 years
  16. 2500kg - too heavy = dog Strip everything out of it and get it to 2150kg = game on.
  17. The Australian TP 52 Got the backing of the Australian Olympic Committee (or parts thereof)
  18. RM, I will get a Finn when I am sure that you will have somewhere to sail one from.
  19. That is rather naive of you. I will help you out with the Reg 35 complaint that you and every other donor are are about to get from AS. Of course the hearing may have already been scheduled and the evidence in before are even given a copy of the complaint.
  20. Not sure about this official motorsport racing. I just go over to Morayfield Road late on a Thursday night!
  21. Livia

    Wine Storage

    Still the funniest scene in Sideways!
  22. No, you need the Rules, otherwise the grubs at AS or those act in their name have nothing to improperly use to punish and exclude from the sport those who have the guts call “bullshit”
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