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  1. I'm generally not a steel boat fan, but this one caught my eye (and not just because there's a typo in the price): https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/boa/d/haverstraw-37-moerman-zeeland-steel-yawl/7387743505.html
  2. A Cal 40 racing off Branford on Sunday.
  3. First time I went to France, the small hotel we were staying in let me use their computer to print out my boarding passes for the next leg of our trip. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get to the website until I looked closely at the keyboard and figured out that they do things differently there. It's like Steve Martin used to say: "Those French have a different word for everything."
  4. For a short while, my family's cars were a Falcon station wagon and a Mustang. The first car I ever "owned" was a '68 Mustang that my dad bought for me for my senior year in high school (1978). He paid $450 for it. It had a big ol' 389 V8, a partially rusted out trunk floor (you could see the ground through the wheel wells from inside), a somewhat shredded driver's seat, an AM-only radio, and had been repainted (I'm assuming there had been an accident involved). It had those reverse scoops on the hood where the turn signal indicators were located, and was just about the coolest thing ever.
  5. I recently drove my dream nostalgia car, a '65 Mustang. I hadn't been in one for maybe forty years, but I still remember how cool it looked when my dad drove it into our driveway, and how it remained my ideal. But this recent drive was, if not a disappointment, a stark reminder of how far automotive engineering has come. The Mustang was beautifully restored, but it was clear that even the cheapest new car on the lot is a better machine in every way. There's no way a Subaru or Honda is going to make me feel the way a Mustang will, but I know I won't be able to drive that Mustang 20,000 mile
  6. Is William Tritt a nom de plume for Bill Tripp?
  7. those aren't covers; they are the sails.
  8. Looks like power is out in most of the town. We were renting a house there from Friday through Wednesday. We abandoned ship last night to come home to central CT and ride out the storm here. We have a generator here, and also wanted to keep an eye on things. If the power comes back and the weather cooperates, we'll head back there for the rest of our interrupted vacation.
  9. That's got to be the most hostile ad I've ever seen. That's a nice boat, really. But that price is about double what it's worth (or at least what I think it's worth). Based on the ad copy, he's already been insulted by quite a few offers. "When will the world wake up and understand that the boat is worth whatever I put into it????" Oh well, he'll either get the price he wants or the only offers will be so insulting he'll take it off the market.
  10. No plans to do that right now. The interior stringer looked ok, but we'll check it more closely for any evidence of previous repairs. But I like your idea of beefing that up too. As long as we're doing this.... The plan now is to grind out the damaged earlier repair, then reglass and fair.
  11. I thought of Vestas too; unfortunately, that doesn't make me feel much better as I remember what I thought of that particular snafu at the time. I have a zillion excuses here (I only left the helm for a few minutes, I left someone there to monitor things, I've been through there a million times before, blah blah blah), but I'm still the one at fault. A good lesson, albeit an expensive one. And will my wife ever take the helm again? I sure hope so.
  12. Well, it's going to be easy to show my boat not sailing for at least a week or so. She's now on the hard. Why? Because yours truly screwed the pooch. A mostly windless day yesterday lead us to not sit with flapping sails, but to motor around. We decided to go to a nice anchorage, but since my wife hurt her knee (a bike accident the day before), my friend Dave was going to handle the anchor. So I check the chart to make sure we aren't going to hit anything anytime soon; we'll come a little close to some more shallow water, but no big deal because it's close to high tide. I put on th
  13. Nice boat. I'm a sucker for a swoopy sheerline. And I absolutely love the toe rail/bulwarks design.
  14. We can argue about what constitutes a "rock" singer forever. But the previous mention of Susan Tedeschi is where I'd start. Bluesy and gutsy all day. The Tedeschi Trucks Band is just about the best thing out there for those of us who never want to let the blues rock of the '70's die out. And for pure vocal talent, I give you the luminous Morgan James. This is simply the best cover of Dream On there is. And this gem: She's so good, you can just listen and enjoy. But feel free to look at her too.
  15. I think it's this guy: https://www.keylimesailingclub.com/ Not surprised that he needs a steady supply of C22s
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