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  1. He's been introduced that way several times. Is a big "KEN READ IS NOT A NEUTRAL OBSERVER WITH REGARD TO SAILS" banner supposed to pop up and flash every time he mentions sails? During a sailboat race? Get off it.
  2. Thinking the same thing. UFO might have hit more than just the foil.
  3. If it really is, this could start getting ugly and fun.
  4. Does seem like the angle on the graphics is just off. Misleading.
  5. It's demoralizing me a little bit just watching it. It's gotta be devastating for that team.
  6. If the Vendee foilers are any indication it's a definite possibility!
  7. Sir Ben, if you please. He is a Knight, after all.
  8. Spectator fleet is like, "We moved for THIS?!?" "I had a beer open!"
  9. This is not pretty. Hurry up. Get off the damn course. We want to watch at least one more race.
  10. Mercy call. Ian threw in the towel for them.
  11. And they had all those fights about 1kt difference in wind limits to get races in. Failure of imagination!
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