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  1. Bummer she left on the freeway when there was a solid wnw wind.
  2. Really nice boat. You should do some spring races in SB before you condemn it to the land of no wind
  3. Carbon hydrofoils. Stiff, light, and responsive
  4. In our area wing dings far outnumber windsurfer and kite boarders. Like a margin of 20:1 or greater. Most of these are coming from kiting, a few from windsurfing, and just a couple of new starts with a background in surfing.
  5. Was worried this was going to be about the coast guard boat blackfin out of SB. Some good guys on that boat.
  6. Forget the foil, Nice dracaena draco. Are they common there?
  7. I can't believe they are towing him. I thought the CG would only give him once chance to either get off or wave goodbye.
  8. Well he is not in SB. Flat as a lake out there, perfect for motoring around Pt C.
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