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  1. Download the Beta. Then scratch off the above that is not missing now.
  2. Did my Beta upgrade. it added display functions of head/lift and more. I can't test on the water as we are near ice conditions til late April. Rats!
  3. Order the Vakaros from Melges via their Black Friday sale November 30th. Received on December 4th. Very happy!! Thanks Santa
  4. Bought one from Melges on Black Friday weekend. Got it yesterday, 3 days. From what I see, it is great. Pitch/Heel/timer/compass/COG/DTL/SpeedOG- Avg, Actual, Max/GMT. I had a Prostart on my last 3 boats. The Prostart was okay, but we know it was slow, questionable in accuracy. You could MAKE it work. Hated batteries. This unit is the next step. And yes, I want to see the additional widgets, downloads, etc. Now I just have to look at it until Spring.
  5. Contention 33 IOR 3/4 ton 1976 Peterson Design Built by Southern Ocean
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