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  1. "You need a bow sprit? Don't sweat it! My old man's a television repair man he's got the ultimate set of tools, I'll fix it right up."
  2. Looking for crew spots for Halifax to St. Pierre for my wife and myself. We're 32 and 35, active sailors sailing once or twice a week, I have limited offshore experience she has none. Willing to help share costs. Have been to St. Pierre before by ferry and plane and really want to cross off this bucket list item of racing there.
  3. that was us on Viva Las Vegas not Holy Toledo. cracked it when someone fell on it the first night and needed to keep it from flexing and actually breaking. Ripping through the gulfstream at around 15 knots sure was a good time. Would really like to do another hobie sled ride to havana.
  4. sail number boat name owner club home town 60048 Bandit Bruce Huddleston NCYC Sylvania, Ohio, USA 46 Barbarella Jim Blakewell Oklahoma City Boat Club Okc, Ok, USA
  5. didn't the driver of a sidecar rig dye on the track this last week? yes there was fatality on the mountain course, race red flagged temporarily, restarted later and still ran 3 laps. His side car rider suffered a broken ankle.
  6. Isle of Mann TT is on Velocity, caught episode 2 last night focusing on the sidecar race. what possesses a person to become a sidecar rider I am not sure.
  7. That's trouble of the best kind right there! Good work Sol!
  8. SV... Great input. The J and T and S all rate the same.... 72. There several 'clumps' of S/35s that sail head to head. They seem to be working their way up the speed ramp! I think your right that it really comes down to the sailors, how they handle the boat and the choices about where to go on the course. That's what makes for One Design or Level racing! If we can combine the J and T and S.... and get 50% turnout at the Sr. Bay Week (Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie) we could have 13 boats on the line! True, there are 10 Schock 35's on Lake Erie and there are efforts in that class to
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